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4 years ago

Valentine's DayHate is the strongest word I know. It's become diluted because so many people use it to describe things they don't like or really don't like. I try to save this powerful word for things I truly hate, like Valentine's Day. Well, I only used to hate it.

It goes way back to the days when, in third grade, we had to bring a shoe box to school with a slot cut in the lid so our "Valentines" could slip little cards into them during the day. I decorated my shoe box with all the appropriate and cloyingly sweet adornments - bits of red velvet ribbon, doilies, and glitter. At the end of the day - you know where this is going - there would be nothing from the cute future football player I liked. I would cry, not knowing that ultimately I would be much better off not marrying him.

I used to think that my hatred of Valentine's Day stemmed from being alone. I now realize that it's about unrealistic expectations that a simple day cannot live up to. If your marriage is in trouble, it's probably not going to get fixed on Valentine's Day. If you're single and don't want to be, you're probably not going to find your soul mate on Valentine's Day. You see, it's really not the day's fault that we've set it up for failure. Let's get real and enjoy what the day can offer - an opportunity to celebrate the love you have for yourself and, if you have one, your valentine.

I propose that the best Valentine's Day date is the one you have at home for many of the same reasons why I don't like going out to dinner on New Year's Eve. There's no overpriced prix fixe menu, no time limits on tables, and you won't need to watch anyone find an engagement ring embedded in their dessert. Stay home, create the perfect ambiance, cook exactly what you like for a fraction of the price, and do whatever you want.

Valentine's Day Date Ideas for Couples

Make a delectable dinner and end it with chocolate mousse.

Set a nice table, light candles, and use cloth napkins.

Hold hands across the table.

Dance to "your song" in the kitchen, even if your song is really silly.

Talk about ideas for future dates, stuff you've always wanted to do together or places you'd like to go, and make a plan for doing them.

Discuss at least twenty things you really love about each other. Include little things and big things. For example, Mr. President has the most fabulous eyelashes, and I like the way they look from the side.

After dinner, give each other a good, unhurried foot rub. Ask your partner how they prefer it and do exactly that!

Valentine's DayValentine's Day Date Ideas for Singles

Make a delectable dinner and end it with chocolate mousse.

Set a nice table, light candles, and use cloth napkins.

Make a list, on paper, of all the ways you rock. Include little things and big things, and make it at least 100 items long.

After dinner, watch a guilty pleasure movie. It should be something you love but would never feel comfortable watching with someone else. You never know when the day will come when you will not be able to watch that movie anymore!

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day or do you love to hate it? Do you have any Valentine's Day rituals?





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