Unlucky as hell...

4 years ago

It's the "dark Tuesday" before Black Friday here at the Huber household...my husband and me are sitting at the table near the soft glow of a television newscast...it's all doom and gloom these days on the news...I'm surprised anyone can watch the news...job lay-offs, Iraq and Israel, destructive storms...the only safe place on the planet is on Pawn Stars...

Have you ever seen Pawn Stars on the television?  It's a reality show about a pawn shop in Vegas, it's has three generations of family running it, and people coming in with all sorts of interesting crap I wouldn't look twice at a garage sale...but they march into this pawn shop with a ripped up toy expecting a big payday and sometimes they get one, but most of the time they don't...just like my last time through the Vegas airport...my husband loves the slots, and the nickel slots in particular, and he plopped himself in front of one of those machines with ONE DOLLAR.  And he doesn't play the maximum amount either, he plays one nickel at a time...he handed me a ten...first time he didn't ask me "what do you want a ten for..."  More like "here's a ten now stop bothering me..."  If only that had worked for me as a kid...you know, the parent hands you a dollar if you'll go away for a while...not at my house...If you tried that with my dad he'd look at you with a ol' grin and ask you when was the last time you mowed the lawn...when you replied "it's been awhile," he'd reply "then it's your lucky day!"

Speaking of luck, I simply don't have any, that ten was gone in about 2 minutes and I was back at my husbands side, you know, the same place I left him...on a chair in front of the nickel slot machine...and he was still playing on that ONE DOLLAR...and he was up 30 cents!  He handed me another ten and I lost 7 bucks in one minute on quarter slots...(damn Wheel of fotune!  Has anyone ever won anything on that machine???  Really???  Liar!--wait that seems awful harsh, here you are nice enough to be reading this crap and I call you a name...quick, I take that back...howabout Vanna sucks!  Better?)

I was too embarrassed to go back to my husbands side right away...and I still had 3 bucks...I had an awful dilema...what slot machine do I blow this wad of cash on?  I'm looking around and there's my husband, playing away on his nickel slot machine...he's having a blast...So I go back to him and he informs me he's still on that same dollar he started on...and he's up a dollar 80!  Of course I'm depressed, I just blew 17 bucks!  My husband tries to comfort me in the best way he knows how..."I honestly thought you'd blow more!"  Yeah, he's a real comedian.  And no, it didn't cheer me up...thinking quick my husband hands over his dollar 80..."here you go...now you're only down 15.20..." 

Me:  "Wait a minute...don't you still have that other dollar, the one you've been playing on for a whole hour?"

Husband:  "You don't think I'm gonna let you blow that too?  You're unlucky as hell..."


 Cindy Huber



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