Understanding Obsticles

5 years ago
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In the rooms of recovery there are steps to suggestively  follow .

Step three is to turn our lives over to “GOD”  as we understand him ,  

Often referred to as a higher power. Well I understand GOD to be so much more than just a Power greater than myself .


This  is  just my personal perspective and how “ I “ was able to apply the steps to my own life .

That is who I give credit to for finding me when I was lost and saving me from  my own Demise .He freed me  from the anger and pain I use to carry with me like crutches .

He taught  me  to forgive  the people and the things that played a role in the circumstances That  lead  me onto that path of darkness  by first forgiving me . He helped me to surpass so many obstacles.......


He knows the obstacles that lie ahead before we see them

But he keeps them there because he knows

They are there to make us stronger.

God never provides help “before” we need it.

Or removes obstacles “before “we reach them .

But when we reach them, his hand is extended to us to help us overcome them.

People sometimes forget this and continue to worry or be anxious

About difficulties they envision in the future expecting God to clear the path before them.

The obstacles we have already overcame  in our past were survived

Because he has greater things in store for our future.

Obstacles are designed to reinforce one of two things .

Your Faith or your Anxiety. which are complete opposites.

Anxiety  can be felt ,for seen and reasonably concluded  .

Faith is not a feeling but a belief. it is not something you see is not  reasonable.

It is trust that he is a power higher and greater than ourselves ,

He is a power higher and  greater than the demon who once enslaved us through addictions,

And he is higher and greater than any obstacle that we have yet to conquer.

The beginning of anxiety is the end of faith

But the beginning of Faith is the end of Anxiety.


One of the first rules of aerodynamics is that flying into the wind increases altitude.

If a bird flies for pleasure it flies with the wind ,

But if it flies for survival or senses danger it turns into the wind to gain altitude.

Obstacles we have already overcame as well as the ones that lie ahead are like Gods winds.

Sometimes they blow against us with the strength of a hurricane or a storm

Taking our lives to higher levels.

Human life and nature work on the same principle.

A hurricane may seem like its meant for destruction

As lightning crashes and thunder roars

And rain so fiercely washes away anything that is not secured.

But when it has passed the atmosphere is cleansed .

New life is in the air and the world is changed.

Obstacles are meant to strengthen our faith.

We are able to hear the wind find its voice not when it passes over a calm Sea…

But when its pushing its way past an outstretched limb of a pine tree .

Faith in a power so great that it created the wind  necessary to carry us

Through a relentless forest of pain and beyond the setbacks and worries of life

Comprehending that  we only need to listen to hear it speak to us

Of a newfound  strength in ourselves.


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