Tying Strings Together with a Professional Site

3 years ago

Way back when I started blogging as Bumpyboobs on Wordpress, I never considered my brand or platform. It was really just about getting out experiences and sharing that online. Then I started my Twitter account with the same approach – just go to it! And then there were the Facebook pages: my writing page, my online journal page, my Bumpyboobs page, my community event page . . . plus the Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Tumblr, and the various articles all over in different ezine and blogs. After a while the internet was scattered with pieces of me. But what did it all represent?  Who was I trying to be online?

After self-publishing my novel, I decided (upon the solid advice of a clever friend) to bring those strings together. That means using the internet to crank up the professional, as well as the personal. So, all that to say, I came across a website platform named Strikingly, and they have this lovely little program for transforming your LinkedIn account into a beautiful online resume. For a blogger/writer who wants to appeal not only in a personal sense, but also a professional one – that’s mighty appealing.

So, I found this web building platform after trying a few others. There’s the blog over on Wordpress, where it’ll stay for the time being cause Wordpress is great. For my “professional page” I had tried iamcreator, Weebly with not bad results. But then I found Strikingly. Talk about gorgeous design templates. It’s like a fresh fruit salad as opposed to the one that’s been sitting in the fridge too long.  It was upon being converted and signed up for their service that they ask me to review their Linkedin-to-website application (in exchange for a year free pro plan, so yes, I do get a benefit of writing this post, but I really do love it so no worries).  

Therefore, here is my review.

Screenshot from Strikingly Linkedin Page

How it works: You go to their Strikingly Linkedin website through this link. Then click “Connect to Linkedin” and that’s just about it.

Impression: Strikingly is offering an application that flips your Linkedin Account to an online website within seconds, and it’s freaking beautiful.


  • Not a time sucker. It takes a minute: click the link, sign into LinkedIn, have a website.
  • Gorgeous lay out. Seriously, it gives me tingles of happy. Upon opening the website my jaw literally dropped. Check out mine and see what I mean.
  • A very professional presence online – and now, when I send queries out to publishers, I can also include this lovely resume via a link.
  • Add in element. You can choose to add in elements, and that’s always useful particularly for linking and showing pieces from your portfolio.


  • You need to be on a pro plan to use a customized URL and customized html (as you do with most website builders, so no surprise there).
  • No blogging integration. You could just drop your blog links into the references, or add an element to showcase portfolio work, as I mentioned above. Though I do wish there was an option to bring it all together.

For the time it takes in creating this page, as well as it's fresh layout, it’s well worth using in my opinion. I really wouldn't write it if I didn't believe it. Maybe give it a try and see what you think - if nothing else, it's fun to see your story in a new light. Here's my site if you want to check it out first.

What do you think of the platform? Have you tried the conversation of Linkedin-to-website, if so what do you think? What are your favourite website building platforms?

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