Turn Your Day Around

3 years ago

“When life brings you lemons, make lemonade.” Throughout the day everyone has encountered problems along the way that can completely alter the rest of your day. You’re moody…stressed out…and just plain tired. We’ve all been there, but somehow we forget how we can turn our day back around. We wanted to give you some positive tips to push you through your negative situations.


  1. Early Morning- if you’re not an early bird waking up early can be stressful on its own. Once you open your eyes, try to remember how lucky you are to live another day. So many people are struggling to stay alive you should feel lucky to get that extra hour to be alive that day
  2. Take a Walk and Stretch- whether it is in the morning, during work, or after a stressful event, take a walk to let some of the steam off. On your walk think about all the good things that are happening for you and how you could resolve the problem you are being faced with. If you can’t take a walk, take a moment to stretch. This will stimulate your brain and your body, so that you can focus more.
  3. Put on Some Music- listening to music can change your mood in an instant. Put on some happy music you enjoy and let loose, sing along, hum, do whatever it takes to snap out of the mood your in. Life is too short to be anything put happy. In fact, play the song “Happy” by Pharrell
  4. Sniff a Calming Scent- yes this may sound a little weird, but it really works! Different scents can calm your body. Lemon is one scent used by the
  5. Japanese to avoid any stress response your body may have. Lavender and Peppermint are other great scents to keep around. You can find oils and lotions that will do the trick to give you that calming smell.
  6. Make A List- you can wake up and it seems like you only have a couple of things to do, but then all the sudden your phone keeps ringing and your e-mail keeps dinging, and before you know it, you have an unexpected amount of work. To avoid the stress, make a list starting from number one priorities down. Check them off so that you know when you got the most important ones down.


 Remember to pace yourself. At the end of the day, what is most important is your health. It may not seem like it at the moment, but things really can wait a couple minutes for you to gather yourself! ~T2B

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