Trying to get a buzz with only 14 bucks...

4 years ago

I'm not aware of too many things...I know what I know if you know what I mean...

I probably played this song a thousand times in my radio career (seriously, a thousand times...yuck) and to this day, I still have no idea what she means...but I know one's darn near impossible to get a buzz on 14 bucks...

No, no...I'm not trying to act like a 19 year old sneaking my mom's Boone Farm because  I'm desperate and that's the only crap drink I can get my hands's just my girlfriends want to go out for a drink, and since my lay-off I'm taking a cold hard look on what I spend my money on...the place the girls want to go is a few blocks away, so we can actually walk over (no DUI worries)...and the drinks--I was assured--are affordable...but what's affordable when you've recently lost a job, and you're making the hard choices; sure I could blow this money on drinks tonight, or I could treat myself to McDonald's coffee every morning for the next 2 weeks, or 7 Powerball tickets...

Listen, I'm not whining...I feel incredibly blessed, it's just, sometimes I miss my old life...the "hey, let's stop out and get a drink" after work....I was never rich, but I had a few extra bucks after the car insurance, electric, groceries, mortgage, health insurance...back in 2005 it cost 25 bucks to fill up the car, two hours ago I spent 50 bucks...I'm tapped out...and yet, it's my girlfriend's birthday and all she wants is to grab a couple of drinks with her friends...and I'm one of her friends...damn, I should be the one buying her drinks, it's her birthday for heaven sakes!  But I'm trying to come up with a reason on why I can't come...and I don't want to tell her the truth, I'm too embarrassed..."I'd love to go with you Teri, but I really love McDonald's coffee more..."  So I went through a couple of my old purses, and all my coats, and came up with 14 bucks...(holy cow, I didn't know I had this much money lying around!)

So the girls and I headed to the bar for a drink...when a new problem surfaced...the girls want hord'oeuvres...I sense the beginning of my panic do I tell them I only have 14 bucks?  I don't...I just...can't...

"I'm not hungry..."

"I just want one beer..."

"Anyone mind if we do seperate checks?"

My friends aren't fooled, but they go along with it..."here Cindy, I can't eat all this..."  I've got wonderful friends...and someday I'm going to find a way to pay them back...I hope...maybe I should've blown my 14 bucks on Powerball tickets...

Cindy Huber

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