The Truth About Making Money From Your Blog {hint: it's not just hitting publish}

3 years ago

After attending the Blogging While Brown conference this past weekend - and having lots of great conversations with bloggers at various stages of their blogging careers - I started to ponder what I call the "six figure blog myth."

What I found is that there's this allure about blogging that makes people pursue the craft in hopes that it will be their saving grace; their way out of the 9-5 and into a lucrative career working for themselves. And while that sounds like a little slice of heaven here on earth, it's important to remember that the blog is merely a tool that's used to build that self-made career; it's not the career itself.

Yes, it's possible to join the many bloggers who have quit their day jobs to blog full-time. And in this post I explain my view of the six figure blog myth and what you should focus on to make that dream your reality.

You feel inspired... You have a voice... Something to add to the world... And you want a slice of that six figure blog pie.

You read tons of articles on the internet with all these great stories of how he, she, and they turned a simple blog into a six figure income and you think "yes, that could be me too!"

You decide on a domain name, you figure out your host and platform, and you get yourself a cool blog theme. All set up and ready to go, you hit publish on your first blog post. Ahhhhh, that was so easy. Now, it's time to rake in the dollars.

Three, six, twelve months later you're still not making that six figure income from blogging. You're getting decent traffic, your posts are regularly read and shared, and yet that revenue just isn't there.

What are you missing? Unfortunately, the entire point. But, that's why you're here. And I'm about to help you get it straight. *smile*

six figure blog myth



Why the six figure blog myth exists


The six figure blog myth exists because it looks and sounds simple to publish a blog and make money from sharing your voice with the world. And in comparison to the "stuff" you have to do in order to make money from blogging, it is the easiest part. But it's not all roses either.

The problem is that when you're on the outside looking in {or reading a blog post detailing the success someone has gotten from their blog}, it's easy to simplify what that actually means. How the blog publisher actually earns revenue from their blog. What it really takes to build a business that's supported by what a blog brings you.

The many stories of how someone rose to the top with a blog have promoted this fantasy that you can simply publish and profit from a blog. But how do you make money? From ads running on the top, sidebar, footer, etc. From affiliate partnerships? Not likely to get you to a six figure income anytime soon {unless you've got a gazillion unique visitors per month and if that's the case then good for you!}.


What you should actually use your blog for


Your blog is a business tool. It's NOT your business.

When you hear {read} stories about bloggers who make six figures from their blogs, it's rarely the case where the blog itself is the source of that revenue. The way that you earn money as a result of your blog is by building an audience that you can consistently market and sell toTweet that good stuff!

It's not the blog that brings in the money - but what the blog does do is bring in the audience.

your audience is the key


What you should be focused on


If you want to monetize {i.e. make money from} your blog, you should be focused on your audience.

What problems can you solve for them?

What ambitions can you help them achieve?

What entertainment can you bring to help them get through the day?

Without this key element, your blog won't fulfill its purpose. It won't help you build your audience. And it won't ever lead to a six figure business.


Quick tips for sprucing up your blog strategy


1) Decide why your blog exists and then support that purpose throughout the design of your site. For example, I recently redesigned my blog. You'll notice that my number one priority is to build my community. This is evident in the header, sidebar, and at the end of every post. I want people to join my mailing list and invite me to keep in touch with them.

2) Eliminate the clutter. All the blog buttons with the various networks you belong to, the conferences you're attending, the partner blogs you've swapped buttons with really don't matter to your readers. Reduce the clutter in your navigation menu and your sidebar and keep readers focused on you and your site. Point them towards your best content, your high performing categories, and to more information about you - anything that serves to deepen the connection your readers will have with you; which almost always leads to them joining your community {i.e. signing up for your mailing list}.

3) Sell something. In order to make money, you have to sell something. Figure out what your readers need most, and how you can help them get there - then package it up. Ebooks, online courses, workshops, webinars - there are a ton of ways to put what you know into salable information products that will help you build a six figure business.


Additional Resources


I'm no expert - far from it - but in the past year, I've taken several courses and followed the advice of many internet marketing experts to learn that you certainly can earn a six figure income from your efforts; but it requires a lot more than blogging to do so.

Below are some links to websites that I visit regularly to keep abreast of trends and get tips on building my audience and earning an income using my blog as a tool.


Firepole Marketing


Smart Passive Income

  I want to hear from you!

What resources do you use for tips and information on building your six figure business using blogging as a tool?


Carin Kilby Clark

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