Trolls, Tribes and Tribulations

3 years ago

This week, I blogged every day. Monday through Friday. I generally blog 3-4 times a week, but this week, was different. I read into my stat analytics and worked in an extra post about trolls. A friend was featured on Scary Mommy, and it gave me a great idea to write about our group. I scrolled through the Twittah (that's how gals from Brooklyn talk sometimes) and was inspired to weigh in on a debate.

Lesson learned this week? Ferris Bueller said it best, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

On with the round up!

MondayAbout that Veiling Debate

As a faith blogger, I often receive less than charitable comments and sometimes I hit a hot button issue. This week, it was veiling. In the Catholic faith, some women wear veils. Actually, in many faiths. I saw a debate going on in social media about it, and I thought I would weigh in. While my points were popular with some, they were definitely not popular with all.

Veiling Debate


Tuesday: The Most Important Rule in Parenting 

I also wrote about the most important rule or focus parent should have when raising their children. I share a great resource that I've used for years. I even recommend it for adult relationships! This is me and my youngest son clowning around before getting out of bed.

The Most Important Rule in Parenting


Wednesday: 7 Ways to Deal with Internet Trolls

That debate on Monday? I knew it would be controversial in some circles, but I didn't know just how controversial. After 600 hits in two days, I thought I would answer some of the trolls that frequented my blog.

7 Ways to Deal with Internet Trolls


Thursday: When Alex had Epilepsy

For those mothers that have children with epilepsy, I shared what my experience was like. My oldest son had epilepsy. I say had, because he's been seizure free for 2 years now. The scars will remain with us forever though when a trusted medication became a Leukemia scare.

Alex had Epilepsy


 Today: All About Tribes

Today, I wrote about Tribes. What they mean, how they work and tips to be a valued member. How do I know? I have a great one and introduced them along with the results they've seen in their blogs, writing and social media interaction for the last six months. 

All About Tribes

I thought the best way for me to introduce myself, was to share some of what I can be caught writing about and this week had a bit of everything. 

Read more over at my place and be sure to connect with me on social media. 


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