Treating others how I want to be treated???? This could change EVERYTHING!

6 years ago
   My little princess, at age 6, has decided that it is fun to talk like a 16 year old spoiled "valley girl" (that was big in the 80's for you youngins) And although her whiney, high pitched "mom" (said with rolling eyes, and sighs of disgust) accomplishes nothing for her, she does it anyway.  I have tried everything from different punishments, to ignoring her, to lecturing about our tone of voice, and respect...ya, like lectures work, anyway...I have come up with something brilliant to try!  You see, I have been totally convicted lately that if we all treated each other how we want to be treated, this word would be radically different!  Marriages would be transformed, friendships would be beautiful, our kids would be perfect little angels (insert LOL here!) and even perfect strangers would treat each other with respect.  I mean seriously think about it...TREAT EACH OTHER HOW YOU WANT TO BE you want people to honk and flip you off?  Do you want your spouse to tell you that you are a lazy jerk?  Do you want your kids to yell at you?  Wow, maybe I'm preachin to myself, but these things hit home for me! I personally, want to be talked to respectfully by my kids and treasured by my husband.  I want strangers to give me slack when I make a mistake, and I want to feel "safe" with my friends.  So I ask myself, if I want these things, shouldn't I be the one to be these things to others??? 
     So back to my daughter...I'm going to continue to teach her about being respectful, and remind her to talk to others in the same way she wants to be talked to; but when she talks in the whiny voice, I'm going to talk back to her in the same voice!  What I'm hoping this will show her is what she sounds like to others and how much she doesn't like to be talked to like that.  I'll let you know how it goes ;)
     But now back to this "conviction" of mine I was talking about...I am making it a life goal, not just a goal for the day or for the hour but a real life "treat others how I want to be treated".  I am going to do my very best no matter what the outcome, and no matter if no one ever responds!   This is a big deal for see, I like to be extra nice to my husband if he is first extra nice to me!  It's easy to be cheery  to the coffee girl, even before my coffee, if she is first nice to me!  I can be a respectful daughter, sister or friend if they are first respectful to me!  But I am committing  to (one more time) "treat others how I want to be treated", no matter what the outcome.  (now I'm getting nervous about pushing "publish"...when this post  goes out to the world, I am stuck!)  OK, so this is what I am going to ask YOU to on board.  Don't be on board because you think you should, or it sounds like fun, be on board because you too are convicted or moved to do so.   Let me know if you are joining me...maybe we will have t-shirts made ;)

I'm including a video on "defeating bad moods" by Joyce Meyer...she is my favorite teacher ever!  She is straight up, no holding back!  I tried to find the message that she did on what I just talked about and couldn't find it, so I included this one for fun ;)

      I would so love to know what you think of all of this seriousness today ;)...
please comment and "share" it if you love it (or hate it, either way)!
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