Forget Gift Cards: What to Buy Frequent Travelers

7 years ago

Honestly, I love browsing the holiday gift lists. They're full of fun ideas, practical and absurd, and it's always amusing to see who says we travelers need what. Lord knows, it's hard to shop for someone who's thinking, "Is that going to fit in my bag?" and/or "Am I going to have to carry that everywhere?"

Woman Pulling a Suitcase on Wheels

Here are a few of my favorite lists. There's lots of fun stuff, so click through, but I've also pulled out my favorite items from each.

The Ever-Changing Gift Guide from Artist at Large
My favorite item on this list? It's a classic from last year, and I STILL don't have one. The Flip Cam. I borrowed one last summer and it was SUPER fun.

Gadling's gift guide for the outdoor and adventure traveler

My favorite? The SPOT GPS device. I'm interested in what you can do with GPS data to share your travels, the SPOT is a fun way to do this. It's not cheap, but hey, neither is avalanche rescue. Just sayin'.

Will Write for Travel: 2009 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers
My favorite? The Gorillapod. That grabby, sturdy little tripod is a great travel photographers companion. Want want want.

Flyover America's Handmade in the United States: A Gift Guide (From AL to MO)

My favorite? The cashmere and wool blend cycling cap. It's from California, just like me. Check back for part two of this list, it's got GREAT stuff on it.

The Frugal Traveler’s Holiday Gift Guide on the NYT blogs

My favorite? I'm torn. But I'll go with TSA Confiscations. How aggravating is it to have your multi-tool or swiss army knife taken away from you? Get your traveler a new one and remind them: In the CHECKED luggage.

The Concierge Holiday Gift Guide
My favorite? For sheer frivolity and because what traveler doesn't love maps, the Muji map handkerchiefs. Hilarious and wonderful.

Travel inspired Gifts on Servus Munchen
My favorite? Well, this list is just so... CUTE. But I've got one and it lives in my backpack and honestly, it's freaky useful. It's the super stylish... spork. Spring for the stainless steel one if you're feeling flush, it will last longer.

Add your traveler's gift guide in the comments, you can be sure I'll be checking them out.

Pam blogs about travel and other adventures at Nerd's Eye View. For the holidays, she wishes someone would get her an iPhone or a Droid with a superfat data plan.

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