Top Weekend Round Up - Yes It Includes My Mini Cooper

3 years ago

What made this weekend on... especially number 4:

  1. I drove my 7th love around like I was a sports car driver.  OK... not like a 20 something driving a sports car but like a conservative grandma driver.  But it was fabulous!  Love this car....
  2. Making paper mache' asteroids with Knight and Ann Marie.  Talk about a really messy project!  Knight reminds me of our dog the moment he gets out of the bath, he has an uncontrollable compulsion to shake.  Knight has that same compulsion when his hands get in the gooey wet four mixture. Yep, the ceiling is now covered in flour specks.
  3. The new age mom's group....  wine:3o! Indeed one of the most essential mom's groups ever. It is the ultimate hybrid in play groups.  Screw the mom's gathering in the park to discuss the daily dish on their size zero troubles.  Moms wine, dine and chat about real world problems while the kids play until someone has a melt down or gets hurt!
  4. And finally.....  My church is AWESOME! Our Pastor is the most awesome human ever.  He is not afraid to call it like he seesCartoon showing woman whose dress is way too short it and call it in front of over four thousand people.  He was telling a story about how he is like a dad to the church staff, every once in a while he holds an all staff meeting to go over some of the things he expects etc. They were all reasonable things.... then he says:"And item number 4 is for the ladies.  Ladies, if you raise your hand above your head and all of a sudden your vagina is exposed, your dress is too short!" I could not stop laughing for the next 5 minutes.  Dude!  You said what MANY people want to say out loud!  That was the highlight of my weekend no doubt.
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