Top 10 Gifts for Coworkers

7 years ago

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As part of BlogHer’s super duper Holiday Guide, I have been asked to write a list of the top ten gifts for coworkers. Given that I am of the great procrastinating until the last minute to get gifts and how about some cash in a card, mind-set; I find myself a little daunted by the task at hand. Every year I proclaim it to be the year of me buying thoughtful gifts and having a plan of action and my lord, BAKING! And every year I fail miserably and everyone gets one of those gift sets from Bath and Body Works. For the record, my brother does not appreciate anything ‘warm vanilla sugar’ scented.

The interesting thing about coworkers is that they aren’t necessarily people that you a) Know all that well, b) like outside of the 9-5 situation c) want to spend a lot of money on because there are like 20 of them. These are important guidelines to remember because you have to remember to treat them all as almost-equals even though there are times you just want to give them a lump of coal and give yourself a bottle of wine. Also all of these gifts are easy to give to males and females and can be tailored to fit even the crabbiest of personalities including Joe from the Mailroom who seldom smiles and often grunts his hellos. On that note, I present to you the top ten gifts for coworkers (!!!) and I swear the list does not include anything that can be used as a body cleansing product, so already there is progress:

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1. Wine: I live in New York State where the vineyards are plentiful and good. I work in a very NY State-centric environment with die hard New Yorkers who also happen to share my affinity for the fermented grape. The nice thing about wine is that it’s really easy to buy in bulk and many stores do bulk options, it is also easy to order but check out your favorite wineries website to find out where they ship. My favorites are from two Long Island Vineyards: Pindar Vineyards winter white and Lenz Winery and Vineyard’s Gewurztraminer.

2. Gift cards: Ok this might seem really easy and simple but never underestimate the power of a $25 gift card to Target. Seriously one of the best gifts that I’ve ever received especially hand for that post holiday toilet paper run when you’re out of cash, gift card to the rescue. Honestly you can get them in most any amount and from anywhere. Oh my other favorite is a grocery store gift card. I love to grocery shop and tend to overspend so what better way to say Happy Holidays than with some almost free groceries?

3. Magazine Subscription: ($12-$25 depending on the magazine) I’m a big fan of magazines and subscriptions are easy to come by and aren’t that expensive. The nice thing about the holidays is that school children are often doing those fundraisers where you can get fairly cheap subscriptions to popular magazines while supporting a good cause like sending little Susie to Space Camp.

4. Route 11 Create your own chip and dip kit: I found this in Real Simple Magazine and fell in love because who doesn’t love chips and dip and they’re a fun office gift. It also helps that I come from an office full of people with families who like to do this sort of make your own thing and also full of people who share my adoration for chips. It’s fun and kitschy.

5. Mini stereo dock for ipod: Again from Real Simple’s gift guide but I think this is a great gift for someone’s office. In several office places it’s hard to download itunes to a work computer and sometimes it helps to get through those TPS reports with a little Journey in the background. Whatever the case this is a fun gift for coworkers that you like and whose music taste you enjoy.

6. Baked goods: A group gift or contribution to bring in the holiday spirit can be easily achieved by baking something. I’ve picked out what I’m baking to send some friends and possibly for my entire office depending on my mood. If you’re good at cooking/baking then I say go for it and spread some cheer via your favorite cupcakes or holiday themed cookies.

7. fabMaps: From Rand McNally micro-fiber maps of popular business destinations in the US. We travel A LOT for work and these maps are not only tear and waterproof but can also be used for glasses and sunglasses cleaning.

8. Card cases: ($5 - $25) I’ve bought several card cases from Etsy because I feel like I need a case for each and every bag that I might carry with me. I’m always losing my cards and need them in a hurry and the nice thing about a cool looking card case is that one might be more willing to carry it around. They are also one of those things that is just so freaking useful but is easily forgotten.

9. Jamie King cell phone and ipod cases: These are great and like the card cases are useful and needed and handy. I usually find my cell phone and/or ipod at the bottom of my bag wrapped around my sunglasses with a piece of gum stuck to the face. These particular cases come in awesome patterns, aren’t that expensive and have a handy clip at the top to attach to the inside of a bag. Perfect for your favorite multitasking businessperson.

10. F1 Carry-on bottle set: This set is from one of my favorite sites, Flight 001. I travel a lot for work and as travel gets and more and more necessary for completing business even though it can easily be a royal pain in the ass, people should have fun travel items. This happens to be one of my favorites since I keep everything in a quart sized bag but hate removing items over and over again, this is cool and reusable and sturdy. Flight 001 has all sorts of travel gear perfect for coworkers with an on the go lifestlye. Better yet, your least favorite coworkers might be more willing to flee the office with great frequency if they have awesome stuff to take along with them.

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