Top Myths About Business Blogging

6 years ago

Recently I happened to attend another "expert" presentation on business blogging. I find when I attend these that I need to sit on my hands and keep my mouth shut. Taping my mouth shut might be better. Why? Because it seems that people love to perpetuate myths about business blogging that make me nuts especially when they are addressing a very non-technical audience.When I see this happening, as an audience member I feel lied too...unfortunately most average business owners in the audience (either non-techie or newbie/want to be bloggers) don't know enough to recognize that some of what the speaker is saying is not entirely true.

So with that I want to vent about the top 4 myths about business blogging that I see preached over and over to the unsuspecting choir.

It Only Takes 15 Minutes to Set Up Your Blog

Ding- Wrong! Yes I agree that setting up a business blog is easier than ever. Tools are more user-friendly and options abound. That said, if you are truly running a business blog you do not want to click a button, use all the default settings and templates, throw up a post and then wait for riches to befall you. Done right - meaning consistent, professional branding, and optimized settings takes some time and know-how. Yes you can DIY or you could hire an expert, but it still takes more than 15 minutes and three clicks.

Blogs Are the Easy and Quick Answer to Being Top Ranked in Google

Ding- Wrong Again! Blogs are an absolute godsend for SEO. More frequently updated, relevant content = betting rankings. Interaction with other bloggers and backlinks = yay! However, just because you create your 15 minute blog, call it Bob's Accounting and then write a post or two or three, does not mean you will be the first search engine result for accountants. It takes thoughtful strategy and optimization to produce stellar SEO results. A blog is a tool, not the golden answer. Just like buying a basketball doesn't make you Michael Jordan or Candace Parker, starting a blog doesn't make you Lifehacker.

Creating a Blog on Blogger Gives You Instantly High SEO

Guess what - wrong again! Yes Blogger is a viable hosting platform and it can be highly optimized for SEO. However, it doesn't just "happen". You can have equal or better results with many of the other top blog platforms out there (Wordpress, etc.) - it has to do with how you set up and use your blog, not where you hang your hat (files).

Create a Post and Your Business Will Thrive

Create a post and customers will flock to you! Earn six figures in a heartbeat just from blogging! Wrong! Business blogs are a tool. Like any other marketing strategy or tactic it takes planning and execution consistently over a period of time to see results. Blogging can be a tremendously effective and cost-effective tool, absolutely! AND ask any consistent blogger or any member of the BlogHer team - this isn't magic, it takes effort. The rewards can be tremendous, but this isn't a "build it they will come and you will be instantly rich" scheme.

Those are my recent pet peeve, stuck-in-my-craw myths from my most recent audience experience. How about you? What myths do you see perpetuated over and over that drive you nuts? What has been your experience with your own business blog? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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