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5 years ago

Last week, J and I watched a show about Lottery winners. One of the women featured said she always believed she would win so she went about her life as though she already had the money. She sought the advice of a money manager, she consulted a real estate agent and researched neighborhoods where she might want to live…she made plans as though she was already rich. Oh…and she wrote $120,000,000 on a piece of paper and slept with it under her pillow.

And she won $120,000,000 in the lottery. Coincidence? I think not. I think this woman is on to something. So I’ve decided to keep a piece of paper that says $120,000,000 under my pillow while I sleep. (I was going to go with $500,000,000, but I didn’t want the universe to think I was being greedy!) I’m going to try to bring some of the money vibes to my house. I’m also starting to plan what I’m going to do with my money when I win.

So here, I present you with The Top 5 Things I’m Going To Do With My Lottery Winnings…

1. Pay off the debt…I hate debt, so it’s all getting paid off…the mortgages, the car loan…and anything else we owe. And then I’m going to pay off some other people’s debts…the mortgages, car loans, student loans and credit cards. Then we are all going to live happy, debt-free lives.

2. I’m going to grant some wishes…I love the Make a Wish Foundation. I think what they do for terminally ill children and their families is amazing. I have always wanted to be a wish granter, but it’s a time committment that I’ve never been able to make while working a full time job. Well…a job will no longer be a problem, so I’m going to make being a wish granter my new job.

3. I’m going to build a compound…I’m going to find a huge piece of property and build a bunch of houses so I can have everyone I love living within walking distance. And preferably, we’ll be in walking distance to the ocean as well.

4. I’m going to buy a car…I’ve been coveting a Mercedes G550 since I first saw one about ten years ago. Of course, I’ll never be able to afford it until I win the lottery. It’s a huge indulgence…but I think it’s worth it.

5. I’m going to check into Canyon Ranch…I’m going to the Berkshires and I’m going to get pampered and I’m going to eat gourmet food and I’m going to go on nature hikes and I’m going to relax. For a month. At least.

There are other things I’d do as well…but those are my top five. And they are going to happen…it’s just a matter of time before my optimism pays off.

Now tell me…what would you do if you won the lottery?

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