The Top Five Podcasts for Women Entrepreneurs

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Podcasts are one of the hottest mediums today, and for good reason: They’re bringing the voices and insights of individuals from a wide range of fields to the forefront of today’s business media. If you’re a woman entrepreneur who is interested in getting more done, learning how to climb to the top of your field and networking with the movers and shakers making big dreams happen, then look no further. We’ve got a list of the top podcasts for and by women entrepreneurs available online today. Here are five of our favorites, in no particular order:

1. Glambition Radio – Hosted by Ali Brown

Rewriting the rules for business success, Ali Brown feels she has a radio show that "gets it." Business News Daily has named her the "entrepreneurial guru for women," and it's easy to see why.

The bi-weekly podcast features interviews with the top female entrepreneurs in a variety of industries. A true thought leader, Ali has her own story of success other women can relate to, and she provides valuable insight into what it means to be a catalyst of change. Ali's podcasts feature insight into various topics like working from home, marketing and overall success stories. Check out Glambition Radio for an introduction to inspiring stories and a range of examples of the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

2. Entrepreneurs en Vogue – Hosted by Iman Oubou

Miss New York 2015, Iman Oubou, hosts a podcast made for women by women. Swiftly ascending the charts on iTunes, her show features interviews with millennial female entrepreneurs and other key influencers.

Every week, she speaks with notable women under 35 about savvy secrets from their industries. Preaching financial independence, Iman serves as an inspiration for any female business owner striving to move another step forward – with a specific focus on Generation Y. Her podcasts feature topics from business coaching to PR and everything in between. For younger entrepreneurs interested in exploring the entrepreneurial life, this is a great place to start your podcast journey.

3. The Lively Show – Hosted by Jess Lively

One of the most talked about podcasts for female entrepreneurs, The Lively Show covers everything from business tactics to inspirational episodes. She even hosts recorded Q & A sessions with women looking to start or build their own businesses.

Additionally, Jess covers topics specific to female entrepreneurs like balancing family and career, and how to ask for what you want. Overall, her podcast stands out for the true inspiration she gives career women in every aspect of their lives. To hear more from one of the top female voices in business podcasting, check out her show.

4. Biz Chix – Hosted by Natalie Eckdahl

The Biz Chix podcast is specifically designed to serve as a digital nest for multi-passionate entrepreneurs. Taking a more casual approach, Natalie speaks with "chix" in a variety of industries about their path to success and any advice they can offer.

A busy mom with an MBA, Natalie discusses topics including marketing, social media, product development and start-up journeys – to name a few. The multi-passionate entrepreneur can often struggle to find a voice in a market where every resource tells you to niche down and focus. If you identify with having multiple passions, the Biz Chix is the resource for you.

5. Entrepreneur on Fire Audio (EOFire) – Kate's Take - Hosted by Kate Erickson

Part of a larger network of entrepreneur podcasts, Kate's Take on EOFire provides insight specific to female business owners, with quick and easy-to-digest suggestions and business hacks.

Kate's focus is on systemizing and automating business processes, as well as content marketing and telecommuting. She is currently working on Season 4, but past episodes cover concepts including tools and resources, creating systems and goal setting.

A podcast feels inherently more personal than a blog. Perhaps it is hearing other women's voices and their struggles that really drives the message home for listeners. This list is simply a beginning, but there are literally thousands of shows focused on business practices for women.

Almost every podcast has a form of a free listen, so it's easy to explore a wide variety and decide which ones suit you best before making a commitment. Finding a podcast that works for you and speaks to your specific interests is the first step in meeting your new female mentor – who you can listen to on demand.

Who are your favorite podcasters? Let us know in the comments below or join the discussion on Kabbage’s social channels. 

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