Top 6 Ways to Avoid Plagiarism in your Academic Papers and Articles

a year ago
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To some people, writing is easy and exciting whereas to others, it is entirely a challenging task. This is because their essays or school work is entirely plagiarized because they perceive writing as a complicated process. Writing has stopped being about school work only. Individuals all over the world are making money through it too. The important thing about both article and academic writing is that no client can pay for your job if it is plagiarized. Therefore, if you have been having plagiarism issues with your work, below are some strategies to ensure that you will never be embarrassed again.

Use proper punctuation

Most writers are not conversant with punctuation rules. Many are the times that individuals assume that the content over the internet is punctuated correctly. What such writers do not know is that most of the online content has a lot of punctuation errors. This is something that every writer should take advantage of in order to deliver plagiarism free articles or academic papers.

This implies that, as a writer, you should familiarize yourself with the punctuation rules. Once you are aware of what you should put where you will manage to beat plagiarism effortlessly. You will never go through those embarrassing situations again if you use this regulation.

Make use of plagiarism checkers

If you make money through content marketing, or you deal with academic papers, you must by now be familiar with various plagiarism checkers. Prior to submitting any of your work on great academic writing sites you must check your work for plagiarism. Even if you are a proficient writer, sometimes mistakes happen and you can copy a phrase or two without your knowledge.

Therefore, to ensure that your account on such sites stay active you must eliminate plagiarism at all cost. Plagiarism checkers have basic and premium options. For premium options, you have to pay higher than the basic ones. However, if you feel that you are not willing to pay, you can use effective free plagiarism checkers on the market. Whatever, your preferred option is, just ensure that you check your work for duplicate content before submitting to clients.

Convert digits

Mostly in article writing, you will have cases where you are requested to rewrite an article. In such cases, you can convert digits to ensure that you do not have any duplicated content. This is one of the ways that you ensure that your academic papers and articles are unique.

It is simple, where you have digits in the content you are rewriting, use words and where you have words, use digits. For instance, 8 cows can be written as eight cows. At the end of your writing, when you check with a plagiarism checker the conversion will make sense. However, you do not have to convert all the digits in the context. Just apply this only where necessary.

Use Google for synonyms

Greg Prescott, the founder of an academic writing company Prescott Papers, has advised on one major element for creating plagiarism free work. He recommended making Google a friend. Being a writer you must be familiar with the word synonym. Just in case there is a beginner going through this, Synonyms are different words that hold the same meaning.

Synonyms prevent the usage of the exact word used by a different individual on your content. Apart from Google, the other option is Microsoft Word. You can use it to find synonyms in order to deliver unique content. Altering internet content in this manner ensures that your essay isn’t duplicated.

Modify adjectives

While working on any academic paper with the goal of generating original content, you can not only use synonyms but also change adjectives. This is the meaning of generating exclusive content, where you do all there is to be done to avoid plagiarism. For instance; instead of using 'fascinating' as has been used on the internet, you can use the word 'interesting' to substitute fascinating.

Utilize brackets

There is nothing complicated about using brackets as perceived by a significant number of writers. Symbols and brackets easily help you generate original work for free. In case you are facing a challenge rewriting three words that follow each other, simply add brackets or a symbol to make your sentence original.

Other ways to avoid duplicity include;

  • Citing
  • Paraphrasing
  • Citing quotes
  • Referencing

If you have been facing difficulties generating unique content for your academic paper, the above points must have given you effective ideas to go around that. This is exactly how the academic paper gurus earn by submitting unique content. Use the above simple tips to avoid plagiarism. When you do this, none of your clients will stop trusting your work. For any writer out there, duplicated content kills your online reputation.

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