Top 5 Planners for 2013

4 years ago

This is a very exciting week for me.  I get to talk to you about something that I use every single day of my life.  Something I’ve been using for as long as I can remember.  Something I’m absolutely obsessed with.

Any guesses?!

i love planners

Yes… PLANNERS! This week for Operation Organization is all about organizing your schedule.  AND, if you’re going to organize your schedule for 2013 – something you really need to invest in is a planner.  There are so many out there to choose from, and I have used just about all of them. (almost)

Below I have compiled what I believe are the best planners for 2013.  There is something for everyone AND I have reviews from REAL PEOPLE who use them and love them.  SO, let’s go!

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 11.25.27 PM

1. I’m going to start out with the planner I am currently using.  It’s called a “Life Planner” and it’s by Erin Condren.


This is my 2nd year to use an Erin Condren planner.  I actually really like it.  I love that there are monthly layouts, as well as weekly layouts.  With every planner she includes little stickers to mark special events and they are blank (some have pre-written events on them) so you can write in your own special day.  She uses bright colors and fun themes throughout the planner.  AND, they are totally customizable.  Just about anything you can dream up color or design wise, her team can turn into your planner.  I love that part!  Erin Condren planners will set you back about $50, so it’s best to try and find a coupon code before you order if you’re not a big spender when it comes to planners.

2. The 2nd planner I’m going to mention is my MomAgenda.  I used this planner before I started using the Erin Condren ones.

hod12-pink_lMy absolute favorite one is the “Home Office Edition” planner, because it’s sprial bound with a hard cover.  They comes in different sizes, but I love large planners so that’s the one I got.  It was a super cute Zebra print cover (I totally wish I had a picture of it now!) and that thing went EVERYWHERE with me.  A cool thing about this planner, is each day is divided up into sections.  You can have a section for YOU, your KIDS, your HUSBAND, your DINNER MENU, EXERCISE SCHEDULE, – the possibilities are endless! And just because it says “Mom Agenda” doesn’t mean it’s just for moms!  This planner sells for $32.95.  If you want to try out this layout before you buy, they have the option to print out some pages for FREE! How neat?!

3. Next up is a planner by Maybooks.  My friend (and fellow organization/planner lover) Rachelhas a great review about these planners!

Hi Everyone!  I’m Rachel from Our Life in West Virginia.  Miranda and I met in sorority at college several years ago and have kept in touch since then.  When I saw she was looking for people to review 2013 planners, I jumped at the chance.  You see, I love organization and planning – it’s kind of my ‘thing!’

Last year I spent an obscene amount of money on an Erin Condren planner.  And while I liked the planner, it was actually a little too big for me.  I knew I wanted something more compact, much thinner, and not as many extra pages (that I never used).

I don’t remember whose Blog or Instagram I first saw them on, but I stumbled across May Designs ( and fell in love!  There are tons of patterns to choose from for the cover, different monogram shapes and fonts, and you can even choose your inside layout – I was sold!

For my 2013 Planner, I chose a Navy Chevron cover and the Square background shape with a Vintage monogram ‘R.’  The site also recommends the monogram colors that will coordinate best with the background you chose.  I chose Hot Pink because I adore Navy Blue and Hot Pink together!

I chose a standard January through December 2013 calendar with both months and weeks for my inside pages, although there are tons of additional options to choose from.

And the best part?  All of these options for only $20 – yes, you read that right – twenty dollars!

Here are a few pictures of my planner:

planner cover

monthly layout

weekly layout

4. Next up is a planner by Greenroom and you can purchase those at TARGET! Another planner loving friend has some great things to say about this planner, but I ALSO have this planner and absolutely love it.  (I actually love anything by Greenroom!)  I have a small sized one that I use to plan my blog posts!   Here is what Elaina has to say about Greenroom planners:

With the new year comes talk of resolutions.  People want to get organized.  That includes me!  I am such a planner.  I like to make a To Do list every day and write every little thing down that I  need to accomplish.
I’m the kind of person who will write “brush teeth” on my To Do list just so I have something to mark off the list.  I write things down I’ve already accomplished just to see them checked off my list.
It seems lately that everyone is talking about their new cute personalized planner.
Obviously I needed a new planner in my life.  I am such a planner geek.  I absolutely love a new clean planner and writing down all the important dates and events of life.
I’m such a planner geek that as soon as I write in my new planner, I want to go buy a new planner because mine isn’t clean and new anymore.
I may need counseling.
I have heard tons of good reviews for the Erin Condren planners.  I’ve checked them out, but my budget doesn’t allow me to spend that on a planner.
People have talked about Paper Coterie.  I LOVE these!  I designed one online.  The only reason I didn’t order one is because I’m too impatient to wait on it to come in.  I think this will be the way I go next year though.
I’ve spent a good part of this week talking planners with Miranda.   This did nothing except increase my desire for a planner NOW.
Miranda told me about a planner by Greenroom at Target.  I looked them up online and they were super cute.  As soon as I got back to House A today I headed to Target. Oh my goodness!  They had so many cute planners.  I almost walked out of there with ten different planners because I couldn’t choose. I was torn between the Greenroom brand and one by Heather Bailey.  I finally decided to go with Greenroom simply because they had a hardback option.  I carry my planner in my purse and I liked the sturdiness of the hardback.  Other than that the two were very similar.
Here is the one I finally chose.
There were lots of cute designs, but I liked the simplicity of this one.
There is a month view with a week by week view behind each month.
I can’t figure out how to get the picture to turn the right way.  Sorry about that.
Anyway.  I like being able to look at a whole month, but for my actual planning I want a week by week glance.  It’s not quite as overwhelming that way.
I think I’m really going to like this planner.  It doesn’t have cute pictures of my family like those personalized ones, but is functional all the same.  And cheaper!
You can see that I also like to use different colors of ink.  They don’t mean anything.  I just like color!
I like the tabs in the Greenroom planner.  They are just an extension of the paper rather than a separate plastic tab.  Does that make sense?  I don’t want the tabs to be obtrusive.
My only complaint is that the week view doesn’t start with Sunday.  Doesn’t anyone who designs planners know that Sunday is the first day of the week?  They start the week with Sunday on the monthly view, but not the weekly view.  Drives me insane.  I have looked at what feels like a hundred different planners this week and none of them start with Sunday on the weekly view.
A little thing?  Maybe.  But it drives me crazy.  I finally gave up and allowed my week to start with Monday.

5. Last but not least is a totally different type of planner.  It’s one you can PRINT yourself and put into your own cute notebook, perhaps one you already have laying around! The awesome thing about being able to print your own, you can print off only the pages you want/need AND you can throw pages out that maybe you messed up on (is that only me?!) and want to redo.  OR WHATEVER may come up.. either way – they’re totally simple and easy and sometimes FREE! I found a great one online by iheartorganizing and I just HAD to share! ENJOY!



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