Top 10 Ways to Make The New Year the Best!

4 years ago
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 We want to wish everyone a year filled with happiness, love, fashion and fun!  Our resolutions list gives you many examples of how to make 2014 the best year ever. 

 Trim the Fat – figuratively

We are not talking about another workout routine…we mean that it is time to severe toxic relationships.  Get rid of friends that bring you down and definitely do not continue to date someone who you do not see a future with.  You are only wasting your precious time.  When ending these relationships, you don’t need to be mean just simply state that your life has taken you in a different direction and that you are not available anymore. 

Trim the Fat – literally
This time we are talking about choosing a fitness goal and sticking with it.  Everyone feels better after a good work out.  This is because your endorphins are going and this feeling makes you happy.  A happy person is more productive in their everyday life as well as very attractive to others.  Whether you want to lose 10 + lbs or simply want to feel the high of a good workout, we recommend an hour a day of cardio and strength training.  Not only will you look great, you will feel terrific.

Work Smarter Not Harder

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Like most people in the DC, MD and VA area we are workaholics.  While this is great if you want to get ahead it does not leave much time for a single social life.  Make a plan to leave work early at least once a week to go meet friends or colleagues out for happy hour.  We are not suggesting you take up drinking, we are recommending one night a week where you go out to be social.  Who knows, you may meet someone great or connect with a colleague who you never talked with on a social level.

Save Money
Most people get excited when they can buy a nice pair of boots, a sports coat or take a really cool trip.  Start this year by making a commitment to put aside a certain amount of money a week to go towards something you really want.  You will feel smart for saving money and excited for your new purchase or trip.

Learn Something New

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Make this the year to start painting, playing tennis or taking a cool cooking class.  Having an outside interest will make life outside of the office fun and who knows…you may meet someone great who enjoys your same interests.

 Make Amends
Start off the year by taking the high road.  If you are estranged with an old friend or family member who you miss a lot, chose to smooth things over.  Take a look at your argument from their perspective and maybe you will see another view point.  Be the bigger person and apologize, the worst that could happen is they do not forgive you so you have nothing to lose. 

Choose To Live Happy
Make the choice everyday to be happy, Happiness is not something you want to try to get to; it is a way to live. 

Quit Bad Habits
If you have been wanting to quit smoking, overeating or being negative now is the time to take it on.  If you remove a bad habit you will create room for something great to take its place.

Asian Spicy TofuEat Healthy

You have one life to live so fuel your body with healthy foods.  A healthy person is less likely to get sick.  Staying healthy will give you more time to date .

Compliment Others
Want to feel great about yourself, make others feel good.  Try to see something good in each person you encounter and let them know it.  You will both walk away with smiles on your faces.

Here is to a wonderful 2014!

 New Years A & L 2014


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