Top 10 Bad Ideas For a Blog Post

6 years ago

OK, so I'm feeling a little uninspired blog-wise.  I'm digging deep for something to write about, but it's just not coming.  And as much as I poke my daughter with a cattle prod, she's just not coming through for me with anything good.  Once you've said, "Let's do some smelling" the bar is set pretty high.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...misusing pronouns, scripting TV shows...get some new material sister!  With Audrey evidently on strike, I'm having to think outside the box for blog material.

So here are my Top 10 Bad Ideas for a Blog Post:

10)  My birth story.  "...and then they delivered the placenta and I experienced an overwhelming craving for liver..."

9)  The 30 Days of Poop Project.  Chronicling Audrey's doodies over the course of a month.

8)  The story of this really stupid family that I know with really stupid ugly kids and how much I hate them but at least they read my blog.

7)  Guest Blogger:  Audrey's Bus Driver!  In which she tells everyone what a bitch I am.  Get your own blog, snatch hat.

6)  How I screw the IRS (and you can too!) by padding my itemized medical deduction.  Those GFCF Double Chocolate Chunk cookies that were gone by the time I hit the checkout are IN!!

5)  Top 10 MLK Day Pet Peeves

4)  How to get blog material out of your special needs child by using a cattle prod.

3)  OCD Blog Hop.  Everyone would share their worst OCD tendency and then have to comment on each and every entry, not just the two immediately before them, or else something really bad will happen to them.

2)  Suspicious Mole Mondays.  This would be photo-based and track the growth of any suspicious protuberances on your body from week to week.

And the #1 bad idea for a blog post...

1)  Sh*t The Voices Inside My Head Say

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