Toddler Leashes ... yes or no?

Toddler Leashes … yes or no?

toddler safety 150x150 Toddler Leashes ... yes or no?Are toddler leashes a good idea or a bad idea?  I love them, I put them right up there with child safety seats in vehicles.  If you have a tot that tends to wander, then either strap them in a stroller or put a leash on them!!!

For those who think a leash is awful, well, why?  I never understood that point of view.  Isn’t it more freedom than being strapped into a stroller?  Isn’t it healthier than being run over by a car, shopping cart or just mowed down by someone walking through a mall?

My kids weren’t wanderers but I still bought a leash for my 18 month old son when we traveled overseas.  At the airport I was approached by one of those bossy know-it-all types who said, “I’d never put my child on a leash”.  I smiled and said, “Good for you”.

Anyway, not soon afterward her poor toddler was wildly running around and got hit right in the face by a door opening outward … cringe.  Before she even attended her hurt child she quickly looked over her shoulder to see if I’d seen her kid get hurt.  Struck me as funny that she was more concerned with her ego than her child’s pain.

Leashes are a great safety precaution, right up there with life vests around a pool, seatbelts in a car, etc.  For those anti-leash parents, I sure hope you don’t let your little ones run around a pool without a life vest or ride in a car without a child car seat.

toddler water wings 150x150 Toddler Leashes ... yes or no?DID YOU KNOW that one breath of water can drown a young child?  That’s right, they can fall into a pool, take one breath of water, flood their little lungs and drown.  So please put some type of floatation device on them around water to keep their head about the water at all times as accidents can happen right in front of you.  They don’t need a full vest, even those cheap little water wings are fine as you’re going to be right there to snatch them out of the water if they fall in anyway.  The donuts are no good as they can actually help them to float upside down.

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