TODAY'S TASK: Get Your Instagram Feed Holiday Ready

3 years ago
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Ah, the holiday season. Is it just me, or does it seem like it makes an appearance earlier and earlier each year? Perhaps it's because stores had out their holiday decorations weeks before Halloween this year. Either way, Thanksgiving is almost here, and along with it, the holiday rush.

If you're a social media addict like me, then you know that the holidays make for perfect content for your Instagram feed. Admit it. You're already considering the millions of ways you're going to stage your garland, candles and holiday bulbs on your table in front of a white wall.

Or you could be like me, and just randomly snap photos of things that scream "CHRISTMAS!" and throw it up on your feed with a snazzy filter.

My goal for the 2015 holiday season is to make my Instagram a bit more "holiday-ready." Instead of snapping and posting, I want to slowly create a holiday presence on my feed, and make it feel just as cozy as my home. I want you to look at my feed and think "I definitely want to curl up by her fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate and a warm blanket."

Except, I don't have a fireplace. Anyways, that's not the point.

Here are the ways I'm planning on getting my Instagram feed ready for the holidays.

Image: Ed Schipul via Flickr

Slowly shift from fall photos to winteresque photos

Right now, my feed is all about fall foliage, tall fall boots and being outside. But as the temperatures start to drop, the leaves fall and the boots change to Uggs, I'll be shifting my focus to more things that look like what the holidays in New England would look like. Think snow, hot chocolate and being bundled up.

Continue to share your regular every day photos along with the holiday photos

Don't jump from normal everyday photos to straight holiday photos for 5 weeks, and then back to every day photos. Spread the love out. I know it seems only natural to share a million pictures of all of your decorations, but spread the love out.

Technically, the holidays run from end of November all the way to the first week in January. That's plenty of time to share all of your favorite parts of the holidays.

Don't decorate purely based on how you think it will look on Instagram

Decorate how you would want to decorate. People will want to see the real holiday you; not the Instagram holiday you. They want a glimpse at what the holidays are like for you as an individual.

Does that mean you can't stage some photos to make them look even better? Of course not. Stage away! But make sure the things you are staging are your style, and not the things you like think will get the most traction on Instagram.

Google Instagram holiday hashtags

I feel like by now, this has been drilled into our minds. But just like everything else, look for the relevant hashtags that people will be using to search out holiday related Instagram posts. Things like #holiday, #seasonsgreetings, #stockingstuffer, #Christmas, #Hannukah, and so forth will help to ensure your posts will be found.

If you search for the most popular, it will give you an idea of what's trending for the holidays, too. If you're looking for some good ones to use, check out this article:

Spread holiday cheer

As cliché as this may sound, it's true. Don't use popular hashtags and be a Debbie downer. People want to feel inspired, loved, excited, humble, giving and so on at the holidays. Share photos of your family at Thanksgiving, whether it's playing football or relaxing around the house.

Post photos of doing good deeds, whether it's helping at soup kitchen, donating to your local toy drive, or bringing those jackets to donate to a local coat drive. Heck, share photos of your pets in Elf costumes. They aren't spreading good deeds, but they will certainly make people smile.

Simply put, this holiday season, let's spread happiness, good deeds and cheer all over our Instagram accounts. The more, the better.

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