Tips for stopping sexual harassment against women at the workplace

2 months ago

Recently, AJ Vandermeyden, a female engineer and former employee of Telsa made some serious accusation of discrimination and sexual harassment to Elon Musk. This accusation spark other former employees, who opened up during a crowded meeting at the Fremont factory. These women spoke of various degree of mistreatment by the male managers, stories of sexual harassment, and unfair promotion decisions. This has made me think a lot as to why must sexual harassment continue in this 21st century. Painfully, this is part of the concerns for most staffs or employees. In this article, I want to explore some vital tips in preventing such incidents at the workplace. This is not only the responsibility of employers but also the employee.

Tips to Preventing Sexual Harassment 
It is the obligation of the employers to prevent any form of sexual harassment within the workplace. However, what happens when employers are responsible for encouraging it? That is a story for another day. Nevertheless, one thing is sure, which is in the incident where employers are aware and don’t act, they can be held liable. As an employer, the following tips are vital except you want to go the way of Telsa’s company as being sued by their former employee. 
•    Create and talk about a clear anti-harassment policy: Such policy includes any form of anti-retaliation components. In creating this policy, ensure you seek legal advice and each policy must comply with the local, state, and federal laws. After this is done, it should be integrated to the handbook of the employee with everyone having a copy.  In this way, the employee knows their right and the necessary steps to follow in case such harassment occurs.
•    Training on sexual harassment must be conducted: This training must be compulsory for every staff, managers, and supervisors. They must understand what sexual harassment is all about when it occurs, and steps to report. Such training should be held at least once in a year.
•    There should be no tolerance for any form of sexual harassment: When those involved are not condoled, others will learn from it. Like in the case of Telsa, the outcome will affect the company, which will make them enforce these laws. 
•    State the process in submit reports of harassment: There must be a process to enables those involved to make complaints. I was just thinking, what if didn’t speak up, the other former workers will continue in silence while those currently working will continue to suffer this injustice. Such a process of reporting must come with the situation where a particular supervisor can be bypassed as the case may be. She may have reported the case but a particular manager or supervisor might have swept it to the floor.
•    Set up penalties for such attitudes: These women have spoken and even as the case is under investigation when completed, those found guilty must be punished. There should be respect for women because they are important.

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