tip jar: leveraging linkedin to brand yo’self – part 1

4 years ago

howdy ya’ll! i decided to re-visit the “tip jar” series that i had a few years back and provide some “tips” to help you in your professional careers!

so, you may or may not know that i’m in talent acquisition for a fortune 50 company and part of my job is to use linkedin to search for talent. i love linkedin and think it’s a great resource for those that are trying to find a new career, learn about a company, or even just to network with people within your industry … or even to catch a glimpse of your personal contacts’ professional side. part of that love for li has made me pretty knowledgeable in how to leverage the social media to brand yourself, to put your best foot forward and to make the site work for you – for whatever you use it for. i figured it would be helpful to use my expertise and share with you guys!

for you newbies, linkedin is a professional networking site. kind of like facebook, but think about it as facebook for your career. professionals from all over there world use the site to connect with companies and recruiters, to search for job opportunities, and to put their virtual resume out there for recruiters to snatch up. likewise, companies are also on linkedin and use it to get closer to candidates, build meaningful connections, and to alert passive job seekers of opportunities at their respective companies. it’s a win-win for everyone, really.

so, i thought i’d put together some best practices or tips for those of you that are looking to improve your profiles or even setting up a new one! part 1 will cover some simple updates for any novices to linkedin and i’ll follow up next week with part 2 which will take a deeper dive for the more experienced networkers!

basic profile tips//

  • create a complete profile. one of the easiest things you can do is to fill out your profile in it’s entirety. that includes using your full (first + last) name and completing your work history and education background.
  • include a photo. what better way to start forging personal connections (as well as connecting with people you know and people you want to network with) than allowing them to know you. include a headshot of yourself that is professional – or at least a nice image of yourself that you’d want a potential employer to see!
  • work on your summary. the summary portion of your profile in your opportunity to shine. it’s a mini-cover letter, and a way for you to introduce your professional self to the world. work on crafting a summary that reflects your experiences, skill sets, and career aspirations. it’s a great way to let your voice and personality reflect brighter in your profile.
  • list experiences. instead of just listing your career history, make sure to include some bullets under each job you’ve had to share special projects you’ve worked on, responsibilities you had, and skill sets learned. it’s your opportunity to show how you made an impact within a position, as well as show how your skill sets and career has developed over time. do not underestimate the power of bulleting your experiences!

basic job search tips//

  • follow companies. one of the easiest ways to learn about job opportunities is to look up companies you admire, or are interested in and follow them. most companies have a “careers” tab where you can learn more about work-place culture and current job opportunities available.
  • search by key term. use the search bar on the main page to your advantage and search for jobs by key terms. you can search by position title, location, company, etc. once results are presented – you can then filter by multiple options such as location, industry, function, salary, etc.
  • join groups. i’ll dive more into groups in part 2, but you can search for relevant groups that interest you or are related to your professional work industry. most groups have a “jobs” tab where employers post opportunities – mostly seeking professionals that have a mutual background or expertise within the group you’ve joined.

those are few tips to get you started! next week i’ll take a deeper dive into job searching and networking with professionals and recruiters.

do you have a linkedin profile? how do you use it in your job search?


the opinions of this topic are 100% mine. i was not compensated in any way by linkedin to promote the program or its services.

want to learn more about me? visit my blog at www.sunnysideshlee.com

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