The Time of My Life


Yesterday I had the honor of spending several hours with some amazing women. It was a “pay it forward” moment and I felt privileged to be part of something so special.

I have said this repeatedly, and I do believe that there are moments when the universe allows us to indulge in great pleasures like helping others and being in the company of great people. However, as always, that act is up to us and we are in control of slowing ourselves down and partaking in such a generous gift.

So, onto “my moment.” Recently, a woman who was in need of some “make-up tips” approached me. Now, this wasn’t just any woman, but my son’s teacher, who through the course of the year has occupied a very special place in my heart. Why, you ask? She is a good, honest, hard working person who takes the time to nurture and guide children. My father was a special education teacher, and I have the utmost respect for “good” teachers who are in this area of expertise for the right reasons.

In July I left my entire life behind in New York and moved 3,000 miles across the country to start a new life in California. It was a painful and daunting experience, but deep down in my soul, I felt that life was short (just after losing my father), and my parents told me to “get into the game and not view it from the sidelines.” The last goodbye to my mom was while she lay in a hospital bed and it ripped me apart to leave her there (she went on to live eight more months, but now resides in heaven with my dad). I wanted to show my sons that with great change comes great pain and sacrifice, but as long as you believe, you will endure.

I feel the universe knew of the challenges that lay ahead of me and buffered my collisions with some of the most amazing people I have ever met, which brings me back to my son’s teacher. Through this woman, a class was set up with three other teachers and one Friday afternoon after school, school started with them and I was the teacher.

We all gathered and I began to show and share with them how they can improve on what God had given them. We had a blast and laughed for hours. I focused on enhancing their beautiful features and taught them how to correctly take care of their skin and apply make-up in such a way that it left them feeling gorgeous and ready to take on the world (or maybe dinner with their significant other)!

I come across many products, but there are a few that I swear by and stick with. I may cheat on my favorite products, but I always come back to them. Here are some of my favorites:

• Eye Cream: Bobbi Brown

• Face Primer: Lancome

• Face Serum: Skinceutical (CE Feurlic Acid)

• Eye Shadow: Urban Decay (Naked Palate)

• Make-up Brushes: MAC

• SPF: Obagi (30) face

• Skin Exfoliator: Clarisonic Brush

• Skin(Beauty) Elixor: Caudaile

As for other products like: cleansers, toner, moisturizers, lipstick, (and so on), I have not found the “perfect one” and remember my perfect may not be yours. I merely give my suggestions based on experience with these products and share with those who want to listen and learn.

Moments like these bring women together and bond us. I would like to bridge the gap between women and cut down on the jealousy between us.

There was a moment when I stepped back and watched how they happily interacted with each other complimenting like there was no tomorrow. I could feel my mom’s smile washing over me and although I can no longer do her makeup and hair, I have been given the opportunity to help others. Since moving here I have grown close to some very special people – you know who you are!

It is my opinion that the most beautiful face is the one with the right intentions.

Live and love your life… xo, jo

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