Joy in Little Things: Throwing in the Towel

4 years ago

I had a revelation last week. New towels are not overly expensive, but they feel luxurious.

Let me explain a bit about this revelation. See, the last time I bought new bathroom towels that were not children’s beach towels was sometime in the last millennium.

Credit Image: fishbulb9 on Flickr

Honestly. My daughter has moved out and gone to college. The last time I bought bathroom towels for this family was when she was a toddler.

Shameful, I know. Please don’t tell Martha Stewart, June Cleaver, or my mother.

The thing is, I’ve been on a pretty tight budget for most of my life. Sometimes I indulge myself in a new purse from the thrift store or maybe a good dinner out at a local restaurant. But as for things around the house, if something isn’t broken, then it doesn’t get replaced.

Since the bath towels we had still absorbed water, they worked and didn’t need replaced. Obviously.

Last week, we were walking around a “department” store. A store more along the lines of Walmart, Target, Kohl's than Macy's, Neiman Marcus or Sak's. Remember, I’m frugal. They had bathroom linens on sale. And the display was right out by the aisle. I was drawn in by the beautiful colors. Do you know they have bathroom towels in every color of the rainbow?

I paused to run my hands along the towels, feeling how soft the colors were. Did you know colors have a tactile feel? In this case, they did.

I bought two bath towels. I was afraid to invest in a full set, due to the cost per towel and my general budgetary reluctance.

After the first use of the new towels, I was hesitant to claim a worthwhile investment. I just wasn’t sure that they did a good job. Why? Because I hadn’t rubbed my skin rough with old cotton fibers. I had run a smooth, soft, caressing towel over my skin and the water disappeared.

The new towel didn’t feel wet, so I’m not positive where the water went. My old towels produced solid evidence of their absorbency. I could see damp spots on the old towels. I could wring a few drops out after drying my hair.

I’ve used the new towels several times. I’ve reused the old towels several times. I’m convinced to replace all the old towels in the bathroom with new.

Don’t worry that I’ll be wasting my money. I’ll be investing in a bath time experience of luxury and elegance, all for something less than $10 per towel. I’ll buy a couple at a time, so my conscience doesn’t have a guilt attack.

I’ll be transferring the old towels to the basement. We’ll use them when we bathe the dogs. I’m sure with their fur coats they won’t notice the scratchiness of the old towels.

As for me, I’ll be appreciating a little spoiling of myself. Who knows where this may lead. Next, I might try some of that fancy body wash shower gel with the matching lotions.

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