Thomas the Cat

4 years ago

Assignment: describe your home from your pet's perspective.

Thomas the cat...

Thomas is 9 years old. He was Lea's first pet. She asked for a cat for the Christmas of her 3rd year of life. Santa, in his infinite wisdom, left a note in her stocking saying that "her” kitty was at the Humane Society.....all she had to do was go there and "her" kitty would find her.  Our family went to the Humane Society on December 26. I explained to the volunteer what our story was. As a family, we entered the Cat habitat which consisted of about 3 or 4 different rooms with several cats of varying shapes and sizes, in each room. Lea went in the first room and Boyd and I wandered through the other rooms. We had our "favorites" and wanted to show Lea. When we went back to the first room, Lea was on a cot with a kitten on her lap. She said his name was Thomas and this is THE ONE Santa left for her. Boyd and I still wanted her to see the cats we saw and liked. She was not budging. Within about 45 minutes we were headed home with Thomas the 7 month old kitten. Today, Thomas lives primarily outside. He purrs louder than any cat I have ever heard. He is loving and super loyal to us even though our black lab essentially has banished Thomas from living inside.

I am pretty sure Thomas thinks we are nuts. When he lived inside and had a litter box etc., he spent 85% of his time sitting behind me. If I sat at my desk, he sat on my chair, behind me. Once he moved outside, he would just come up on the porch and meow until we would go out and pet him. I think, like most cats, Thomas feels superior to us. Now that he is injured and is being confined inside for 2 weeks while he heals, he is for sure convinced of our lunacy. Every peep he makes, one of us runs into the room and tries to access and or interpret what his problem is. Mostly he is just lonely and hates losing his freedom. I see the way he looks at me and I feel his disappointment. He knows with 100% certainty that Lea would swoop him up and move him back inside in a heartbeat and as she sits next to his crate and reads to him from her kindle, he is most definitely sending her strong feline vibrations along those lines. Thomas' perfect world is inside living with outside access....oh and about that 90 pound black Labrador....when can he go away?

Thomas the cat.



T-berry Tom cat.

Or as Lea's friend once called him: Toodles.

The absolutely best first pet ever.

Speaking of Thomas, he is outside right this minute. Without his E-collar. I had to allow it. He refused to use the litter box and it is day 2-1/2 since surgery. I let him out. As he ran off to his potty spot I saw him click his 'heels' together. I am going to get Lea from school and she will bring him back in. He adores her. From his perspective, SHE is his owner. His one and only. She knew it from the start. We are all on board with that now. It is a shared perspective.

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