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4 years ago
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Happy Camper wine perfect for summer fun

Happy Camper Cab 2012 Wine Review Confession Girl

This upcoming weekend BB is leaving for a camping trip. Since I couldn’t join her, my wine selection, Happy Camper, seemed fitting. The label has a cute illustration of a camper lit up in the middle of a forest on black paper. It was just too adorable to pass up. With a perfect twist cap, I hope this is a companion on my next camping trip.

Wine Maker Philosophy and Notes: When did enjoying a great glass of wine become an indoor activity? Well, at Happy Camper Wines we define ourselves with what we do outside of the cellar. Happy Camper celebrates the freedom of the great outdoors, and complements any activity. Whether you’re seeking out a new adventure, or relishing a beautiful sunset, Happy Camper Wines will complete any occasion. Because above all it’s about “getting to where life is good”.

Brimming with blackberry, underscored by earth and spice, this 2012 Happy Camper Cabernet Sauvignon is intended to please an easy-going lifestyle. On the nose, it delivers aromas of wild black fruit, plum, and spice. On the palate this segues into more expressive berry flavors. And, as it finishes, it conveys silky, soft tannins that linger with black fruit.

The Happy Camper
Vintage: 2012
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Alcohol: 13.2%
Location: San Martin, California

My Tasting Notes: The aroma of the wine is extra boozy immediately after pouring the wine out into my glass. However, as you aerate the wine it develops into a subtle woodsy and earthy bouquet with a hint of spice. The first taste is a nice mixture of dryness and sweet notes of plum. Last week, The Dreaming Tree had loads of cherry, but the Happy Camper is drastically subtle on the fruity department. Though you can definitely taste the berries here, the wine is smooth and subtle.

I would categorize Happy Camper as an easy wine to drink, with its light and smooth palate. The wine is well balanced, the wine maker says medium-bodied, though I would say it's definitely light-bodied. The Happy Camper reminds me a little more of a pinot noir varietal and would go great with spicy, or hearty meat dishes to counter the lightness.

Definitely take Happy Camper on your next camping trip. I believe this is a great sharing wine with friends and I would think it would appeal to a wide range of palates.

Happy Camper will be joining me on my next camping trip.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Price: $9


Sausage and Bean Dutch Oven Stew by

Sausage and Bean Dutch-Oven Stew

Sitting over a camp fire sharing stories with your friends and family is always a great way to kick off the summer. This wine immediately had me in plan-mode for our first summer camping trip. Now that we have our wine what about food? I wanted to prepare a dish that is easy to create at a campsite, yet packed with flavor. I found a recipe for Sausage and Bean stew over a dutch oven on

I prepared this at home last night, but it's an easy dish to combine outdoors. I added a little more heat to the recipe since I have a family of chili enthusiasts! So, I substituted the poblano chile with a serrano pepper to add an extra bump in heat. Other pairings would be turkey chili, burgers or rib eye steak. These great dishes would go great with the Happy Camper wine. Enjoy!

Let us know your favorite camping spots in the comments below!


K.Lo Confession Girl

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