things i need to quit

3 years ago

things i need to quit - Quitting is typically frowned upon, right? But isn't it sometimes good to quit certain things? You know, those things that aren't good for us. Here's a quick rundown of the things i need to quit.

Going on Petfinder

We don't need another dog at all, but I find myself browsing sweet doggies on Petfinder a lot lately. They all need homes and then I cry that I can't rescue them all. I saw a woman walking a Pekingese the other day and fell in love. So I've been stalking rescue Pekingese and I found a one eyed Pekingese named Tuffy who I want soooooo bad (go look at how freaking cute he is). I have a weird thing for pets with problems (considering Rosie is deaf). But we don't need another dog. If anyone lives in Ohio, click on the link and please go get Tuffy.  Or if anyone is able to get a new pet now, find your new best friend on Petfinder and email me one million cute photos. Puh-lease!

Watching exercise video/equipment infomercials

I find them strangely fascinating. I will waste so much time watching the infomercials and then they get to the price and my brain reminds me "no." But then I realize I wasted an hour.

Stalking mansions for sale on Zillow

I seriously go on Zillow and look up houses in our area that are millions of dollars. I'm sure you all think I'm a secret millionaire, but spoiler alert - I'm not. So looking at overprices houses is just depressing. I also immediately go home and look up random local houses online just because I'm nosy and want to see the inside and the price. I need to start crashing open houses.

Daydreaming about doing this -

prettywoman - If you follow me on Twitter, you might've seen me post this yesterday. I've been thinking about it a lot lately. Maybe I'll do it while wearing that exact same outfit. Hawt.

Being grumpy

I was seriously like Garfield on a Monday all week. Just couldn't wait for Friday to get here. But I must say I'm pretty excited about my use of both Pretty Woman and Garfield references in this post. Winning?

Eating 30 mints after lunch

So I'm not hungry anymore, but it's that post-lunch afternoon slump and I want to keep eating so I don't fall asleep but I only have boring snacks and am too lazy to leave my office. Then I remember that handful of mints (from the huge Costco bag) that I put in my purse for "the week."  They are gone in one hour and all the tastebuds are burnt off my tongue. I should stop doing that.

Pretty Little Liars

It's so out of control but we all know I CAN'T QUIT YOU. Any good/bad things you should be quitting?

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