things for 2012

  1. Start walking.  “Yes, it’s been a while since you walked but when nothing hurts get up off your butt and walk.”  Mediterranean cruise is coming up and involve quite a bit of walking.  I want to be fit and healthy when we head to Venice in July.  We are lucky that there is no snow here now and it isn’t bone chilling cold so I promise to walk once a day. seriously karen you can do this
  2. Organize junk drawers.  I started this today.  just about every drawer I have is a junk drawer.  Meaning you can find just about anything in each drawer, but usually you can’t find what you are looking for so my goal is to organize every drawer in the house.  This will be best done on Monday and Tuesday after the new season of Hoarders and Hoarding: Buried Alive start this week.  That always motivates me.
  3. Stop throwing my clothes on the floor.  Since my back problems began, and now that they are fixed and I’m not supposed to do much bending, it seems easier just to toss things on the floor.  But it looks terrible and my side of the bed is what you see when you walk into our room.  buy a couple more grabbers
  4. Write twice a week.  More if possible but I promise to be more diligent about writing.  Lots of traveling happening in 2012, and it’s a perfect time to photo/travel blog.  
  5. Join and participate in a 52 week photo project.  I’ve already done the joining, I found a group on Flickr that has a 52 for 2012.  now lets see if I can do better than I did in 2011 with the photo a day 365 project.  Once a week will be far less stressful than laying in bed at the end of the day and thinking "what can i shoot right this second".  
  6. Organize my Flickr Sets into a 2011 collection so I can start over for 2012.  do this tonight!
  7. Reignite my “woman”.   In the last five years since I was diagnosed, treated and cured of breast cancer, I have had zero sex drive.  I miss the physical connection with my hubby. I am going to make it a goal to be intimate with him once a week.  I bet he’s going to like that.  I should start today :)  but i don’t feel like it as usual haha
  8. Read one book a month.  I go in and out of reading spells and I’ve been mostly out for the last five years.  Steve Jobs book has been open in my kindle forever.  This isn’t a bad book, but I find him to be a bad man and even though he was a genius.  And that is what I find disturbing and hard to read.  Yet I don’t want to stop, I just take him in small doses.  I need to finish this book and go on to something better!
  9. Lose 20 pounds.  I’m pretty sure if I do number one above, that I should drop a little weight because I will be going from basically no exercise to something regular once a day.  Even if I keep my sweets habit, if I walk, I can earn a piece of cake or pie or cookies or chocolate anything... 
  10. Pick up the D300 once a day.  Last year the iphone 365 project helped me learn just how good the iphone 4 is, and the new 4s has an even better camera.  However, I do have a real camera and I want to use it more often.  
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