5 years ago
Thank you very much for your swift response and for telling me the
(item) is still available.I want to inform you that i am a deaf
man and i am satisfied with the conditions has you have stated 
in the CL.I want to let you know that i have a schedule already,
for i need to attend an important seminar in Germany so i won't 
be able to come and check it at your House, Since i am okay with
the condition, I will like to make an outright purchase in 
issuing a certified check to you and the check will be cover money
 for the (item) and mover funds, the payment will be sent to you
 via Ups / Fed-ex and will be deliver to you within 2-3 working
 days and Upon the confirmation and clearance of the payment,
 My private mover will come for the pick-up at your place. I'll
 need the below information to make out payment.   Full Name to
 be on the check.... Home address..... City...... State...... 
Zip Code..... Cell phone Number..... Total Amount for the...
(item)   Please i want you to consider my offer & i will like 
to be the last user for this.. As for the shipment. When you 
confirm that you received the check and it cleared, We will make
 arrange for the pickup at your location..   GOD BLESS YOu.
All this for a used $200 laptop??????????
This is my latest response from an ad I had on Craigslist.
Here is another one:
Hello, Thanks for the quick response.... I hope it is in good 
condition as stated and I believe you must have buyer's 
interested in the purchase and I thought the best way to outbid
them is by offering additional sum $30 to the asking price 
because I'll like to buy it a.s.a.p.. Being a respectful buyer,
I would like to make an outright purchase and I would have love
to have a look before buying but, I'm out of Town on a business 
trip. I am from Hawaii, I really need to buy this and send to my 
son schooling outside the state, but you can send his picture to 
me. I will be paying through PAYPAL because i have a verified 
account with pay pal.So, kindly get back to me with your pay pal
email address so i can make payment into your pay pal account.
Once payment clears, shipment will be handled by me through my
personal shipping account. Please kindly get back to me with
your pay pal email address if my offer is granted.
He never stated which item he wanted. I had a couple of laptops on
there. Again, used $200 laptops. 
This is not all that is going on in our lives as far as people 
preying on us to take our money from us with fraud. I receive 
letters a couple of times a week for refinancing my home. The 
letters have FHA on the letterhead, but they are not. A friend 
of mine received a similar offer, went to the companies office 
(good sign, right?) refinanced, laid down $1000 but was told she
 did not have to make 2 house payments. Two months later, her
 bank called her asking where the house payment was? Seems they
 were never contacted by the new company. She called the new 
company who told her to read her contract....if she was not
 approved by their company, she forfeited her $1000. This is a 
girl who brought lunch and coffee to work to save 
she's out her money and is two house payments behind.
The law did nothing to help this girl. 
I saw a man on 20/20 that stated he worked for Bank of America, 
discovered mortgage fraud and reported it as high as he could in 
the company, to no avail. He said Citigroup and Countrywide are
fraudulent with mortgages, also. Nothing has been done. The workforce
has been reduced to none and we it is simply too bad for us that 
we are being cheated. 
What gives a person, or company the right to take what is ours? How
do they sleep at night? The sad part is, they sleep better than we do. 
Someone has to be falling for this theft, or these people would
not spend so much time on it. Someone has been severly cheated
and will spend their days trying to survive because nothing is
being done to stop them. They will continue. We depend on our creditors 
to be honest with us and we get settled in, thinking they are. 
Check your statements, keep an eye on your finances. Don't fall for
lines from so called reputable companies until you check them out. 
Above all, don't throw receipts with your account numbers
in the trash. People look for these to enter your accounts. 
Our lives have become harder to live, because of the financial ruin
of our country. Now, it is standing by while we are being cheated
and no one is doing a thing to help. I know a man that took a 
counterfeit check to a bank that he received. Yes, it is couterfeit
That was it. If he had cashed it instead of asking the bank to check
it, he would have been responsible, but nothing was done about
someone trying to pass a bad check!
Did you notice the one offer said "God Bless You?" I say back to him...
"God Help You."
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