Thanks for the Memories: SV Moms Group Is Shutting Down After Four Years

8 years ago
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I was shocked when I saw this tweet on my screen:


My reaction was one of shock, sadness, gratitude and confusion.

SV Moms Group is shutting down? What? No way! I love them! Why are they shutting down?!!!

This thought played on a loop in my head as I raced around the Internet looking at other people's reaction to the news.

Many on Twitter felt the same way I did:

CubesAndCrayons Proud to have been part of @svmomsgroup. It was an amazing experience. #svmomsgroup

doubleadventure What? Why? RT @suburbanmama: But WHY? RT @ jennyjenk Can you say... devastated? re: @svmomsgroupclosing down

mastermindmommy So sad to hear the news about@svmomsgroup. Heartbroken, really... Honored to have been a part of the group.

graceduffyThought worst thing about 2day was car still smells like vomit (son's, not mine) Totally didn't expect the @svmomsgroup news.SAD!

Mom101 Standing O for @svmom + @techmama . You should be so proud of what you accomplished with @svmomsgroup. Best of luck on new ventures.

SV Moms Group is a blogging institution. Since the SV Moms Blog was founded in 2006 by Jill Asher, the cofounders -- Asher, Beth Blecherman, and Tekla Nee -- have grown the group to 11 different sister sites with 350+ contributing editors. Their sidebar buttons are instantly recognizable and it has created a close community of thousands.

Even as I type it, I cannot quite believe that all of it will be shut down at the end of the month.

We've heard the statement, "They have meant a huge amount to the sport," over and over again at every Olympics and major sporting event when a long-time player is retiring. I think this is applicable in the blogging community, as well.

It is always tough when a well respected member of long standing closes up shop.

It leaves a void that is never quite fillable.

And SV Moms Group will leave quite a void, indeed.

Thanks for the four years and all your hard work, SV Moms!

You have meant so much to so many.

You will be missed.

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