Thank you, Sunbonnet!

a month ago

I pretty much trashed this blog.  Changed the name, changed it back...wondered how I could blog about something as an observer...wondered if it would break my heart. 

Then I called my friend, Sunbonnet Smart aka Robin:
Which was an effing brilliant move on my part.
Click on the link and meet my friend, Robin, and check out her amazing blog.  If you know me you will probably think that all that down homey stuff would hold no interest for me.  I mean, we're talking tie-dye and home cookin' over there in Sunbonnet world!  If I could physically nudge you to go on over and look around and just relax and enjoy the sweetness of it all...I would.  It's that good, my friends blog.
I met Robin at Blogher, an amazing site where (mostly) women submit their blogs - and they actually get read.  A lot.  It's all a blogger wants, really,  readers.  Always reminds me of the exchange between Joe Fox and his father, Nelson, in "You've Got Mail"
Nelson Fox: Perfect. Keep those West-Side liberal nuts, pseudo-intellectuals...
Joe Fox: Readers, Dad. They're called readers.
Nelson Fox: Don't do that, son. Don't romanticize them.
Blogher made me want to write voraciously, obsessively.  I was getting comments on the blogs I submitted there, people I didn't even know were re-posting my work on their facebook pages and tweeting what I wrote! Robin said it perfectly yesterday and I quote her loosely..."It's like a lifetime of affirmation all in one place".  Well put.  If you've ever had any inkling that you may like to write a little, give Blogher a try.  There are tutorials on how to be a better writer, and a whole lot of supportive women that will make you feel like you're the next Jane Austen!
I tiptoed back to Blogher a few days ago and read a few posts and left a message for Robin complimenting her on a recent huge accomplishment and she responded with her phone number and a request that I call her.  So glad I did.  She gave me the kick in the butt I needed.  Robin told me that I didn't need to be a bride to love all things bridal, that many people in the bridal industry are not getting married. She said I found a niche and I should stick with it. 
And that's exactly what I'm going to do.
Thank you, Robin


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