"Thank you" isn't just good manners. It's a way of life that can change the world.

5 years ago
“Gratitude is not only the greatest of all virtues, but the parent of all others” – Cicero

Cicero is one of many ancient philosophers who knew the value of merits such as gratitude.  In modern society we often undervalue or forget the importance of such virtues in our daily lives.  With so many distractions and wonderful technological advances, our human connection to each other is suffering.  Lets reward and encourage grateful hearts and
minds in our youth rather than nourish an attitude of entitlement.  Gratitude is the key.  It is the cornerstone to so many other great qualities and characteristics that make man….kind.  

The more happy people that inhabit the planet, the happier our planet will be.  It is a ripple effect.  Since gratitude is something that is created within, happiness in within everyone’s grasp. Our happiness is a reflection of how grateful we feel for what we have.  If we change our perception, we change our world, and the world around us. That is the basis of our charity. It is a simple concept.  But one that is so easy to forget.  

Spreading Gratitude Rocks is a global grassroots not-for-profit whose sole mission is to spread gratitude.  We provide tools, motivation and inspiration to help people create habits of gratitude. Spreading Gratitude Rocks is a start-up not-for-profit.  Our primary mission is to spread global gratitude.  We want to help build a happier more grateful place to live for all of us.  Science proves that practicing gratitude can increase happiness by 25%.  Studies also show that there are many other health and social benefits to practice of daily gratitude.  
We have a user friendly website that doesn't have a donate button.  What it DOES have are a lot of great tools and resources for information & INSPIRATION.

In addition to other programs, we have a focus on development of early habits of gratitude in youths.  Our educational and social media programs intend to guide youths to a practice of mindful gratitude, as well as other positive character traits.

Another of our programs is a 21-day habit of Gratitude Challenge that has received very positive feedback since it’s recent  launch November 22, 2012.

We are currently developing many more interactive functions for our website. One is gr-AD-itudes.  Gr-AD-itudes, are custom built advertisments that anyone can create on our site to express gratitude for things, or each other.  We will also be introducing a video and electronic “hugs, high-fives, & happy face” campaign, as they are expressions of gratitude.  There will be stories and photos from around the world that show how other cultures celebrate the vitally important human quality of gratitude.  Our mobile app is under development, as well as several other programs.

Soon we will be announcing social media contests to target youths in their playing feild.  These contests with teach and reinforce values and character traits such as gratitude.  There will be prizes for fan favorites and jury picks.  
Our website continues to grow as a source for information and inspiration.  We want to be a true charity that simple gives back.  

We welcome your support.  You can start by taking the challenge, and emailing us if you care to volunteer. 

Living your life with daily gratitude and spreading that message is the very best way to help the world, and help yourself.  Get gratitude!  It's free!


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