Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Birthday Party

4 years ago
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I have been seeing green and Ninja’s…and I am not dreaming…

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (or TMNT) was the desired theme for a birthday party in my world and I was up for the challenge. I previously told you that I also challenged myself to “do” the party a little differently than I had done for my last few parties.

For those parties I basically did one-stop online shopping and got all the party supplies from one place and birthday gifts from another. Bang…done.

Nothing wrong with that!

I personally believe that you need to do what works for you at that moment in your world (as long as it is legal and hurts no one, of course). It will change and you can do it differently another time. Like the year that I ordered groceries online to be delivered to me and decided to pay to have my house cleaned all right before Thanksgiving because we had people coming and I was home with three sick little kids and my plan to get to it was blown out the window! Phew…that was helpful. But, I usually like to do all of that myself.

For this birthday, I was having a hard time ordering the gifts that I wanted online so I knew that I would need to get to the store. That being the case, I decided to do my own decorating shopping as well and make it go together versus buying all matchy-matchy themed items. I have already covered all of that in another post so I will not make you hear about it again! For those of you who have not heard it and are dying to know what happened, then click here for that post.

Moving on to the food selections…

I had a ball and found myself thinking “green” and “ninja”. I tried to find treats and foods that were maybe just a tad healthier than all green candy! Lime yogurt, “Ninj-apples”, “Throwing Star Cheddar”, lime and pineapple Jell-O and tropical lime Gatorade to name a few.

The party was a hit and the birthday boy was thrilled. He “got” all of my references to TMNT foods, so I was happy too. He even loved my TMNT cookies, which ended up looking more like Surprised Sesame Street characters than lean mean turtle fighting machines. That’s because I wanted to make them myself, in keeping with my challenge to do more of this myself versus pre-made. So, I opted NOT to buy the actual pre-made cookie or even the cookie-making kits that give you a TMNT cookie. There was also a little self-knowledge in that decision – just because the picture told me that I could make a cookie that looked exactly like a TMNT if I used their kit, I was pretty sure that mine were not going to look like that. At least if I tried on my own and they were not even close (which I did and they were not!), I was working without a template.

I am always a little surprised by the fantasy world that I live in even though I should expect it after all these years. A birthday party that most people can throw in a couple of hours all at once takes me a whole day and night. It’s exhausting!

The day started with a  morning grocery trip to finish getting ingredients and then to race back home to get the party started. My plan was for a lunch time party. That did not happen.

So, I had to rethink my plan because the troops were hungry. I decided that we would start with snacks and then the birthday presents could be opened. Bellies would be full and toys would be fun, for a while, any ways. While all were playing I could make the lunch foods. Even that plan turned out to be lofty. In between working on all of the snack prep, my kitchen time was interrupted by poop. Someone had to poop, did poop, smelled poop or found a poop. That last one was from my long-haired cat, not my human family members. That beautiful long hair can be tricky.

There were also a kazillion other issues and caretaking moments that happened so I could not “just get food ready”. Cutting some apples to make “Ninj-apples” and cutting cheese into stars took me 86 hours, or at least that is what it felt like. The whole day went in baby steps and by the time the evening hit, I was tired of entertaining and partying – and it was just for us. My husband and I had cleared and cleaned tables and dishes as much as if we had worked in a restaurant (and we both have and I think it was more relaxing). I chuckled when I realized that my plan to just have a normal party where all of the food was prepared and ready and you sat, ate, had cake and then opened presents was just a fantasy in my world with wee ones. What was I thinking?

All right, enough already of my “Gift of Gab”. Here are some of my party foods for those green Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…

Green cookie dough – I had planned for cookies since we already had a Dinosaur Cake a few days ago for a small birthday celebration. I did not want more cake. That sounds crazy, right?

I followed a recipe for Sour Cream Roll-Out Cookies from Taste of Home because I could not find the roll-out cookie dough recipe that I have used for 20 years. You would think I’d have it memorized. So this seemed like a good time to switch it up since I have wanted to try this recipe. They were good, more cake-like than a cookie, which worked out nicely for this party. But it would not replace the recipe that I normally use for a roll-out cookie because the taste and texture is different.






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