Taxi Protests and Birds Eye Views - Seville, Spain

3 years ago

We got our major day trips out of the way early in the week so we could veg on the beach of the remainder of our time in Spain. After spending the day in Morocco on Saturday, and a wonderful day at the beach on Sunday, we ventured off to Seville, Spain on Monday.

An hour train ride took us in-land to the beautiful city of Seville, and it really gave us a chance to see the countryside of Spain. Once we arrived in Seville, we headed towards the taxi stand to grab a cab like we were told to the Cathedral or to the Alcazar. Instead of a line of cabs ready to whisk us to our destination, we were faced with an empty cab stand. Thankfully Nick speaks a bit of Spanish, because if he didn't, we would have been screwed. Because I can't speak a word. Okay, I can speak a few words. But basic. And the most I used while in Spain was either 'Hola', 'Gracias', or 'Un Cervesa Por Favor' (sometimes 'Un Sangria por favor' depending on my mood).

So when two men walked over and began explaining to us why there were no taxi's and there wouldn't be until later in the afternoon, I was really grateful that Nick was able to pick up enough to determine that we either needed to take a bus, or walk. So we bought a map and began venturing through Seville towards our destination.

On our way, we passed why there were no taxi's. Turns out, it was an organized protest. And by organized, I mean they had police officers directing traffic, horns honking, people riding around with signs, and so on. It was insane, but it was also pretty cool to see. They were protesting illegals coming into Seville and taking their jobs.

10547598_10100123029095955_8829653177261893252_nA little glimpse of the taxi protest

seville taxi protest

Let's just say it took us about an hour to walk about 2.5 miles to the Plaza in Seville. And by the time we got there, all we wanted to do was sit down because we were so hot from walking around Seville. But we persevered, and continued to stroll around. We were completely awestruck by the beauty and the size of the plaza. It was incredible. These pictures don't even do it justice.


The backside of the plaza, which we came in on accidentally. We actually wandered into a secured military area! Whoops! They were totally understanding and directed us to where we needed to be.



Walking into the Plaza






From there, we headed in the direction of the Alcazar and Cathedral. But not before a quick stop for lunch in front of the University in Seville.

UniversityThen we began our walk to the Alcazar and the Cathedral.

10295690_10100128516703745_2175176484700167714_nAlong the wall outside the Alcazar

The Alcazar was a cool little part of the city with winding roads, little cafes and hidden shops. I didn't take any photos in it, but let's just say it was adorable. We didn't walk too much through it because we were hot, tired and just wanted to get to the Cathedral. It was already around 100 degrees by the time we got there and just wanted to get out of the sun. We figured we would just kill sometime in the Cathedral and cool off. Instead, we spent close to an hour exploring every nook and cranny and even climbed the 34 flights to the top of the bell tower to enjoy a birds eye view of the city. It was definitely the highlight of our trip to Seville.


The outside of the Cathedral


Outside of the Cathedral


Outside of the Cathedral






Some of the views as we made our way to the top of the bell tower.







And the views once we made it to the top



The view of the bullring in Seville



After we enjoyed the incredible views, we ventured through a few more chambers of the cathedral before heading to a local cafe to grab a beverage. It was my first time experience beer in a wine glass.

beer in wine glass

Then before we knew it, it was time to grab a cab (yes, they were running again by the time we were ready to leave!) and head back to the train station to get our train back to Rota. After a fantastic, but hot, day we were definitely ready to spend a few days on the beach. And that's exactly what we did until Saturday, for our final day trip.

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