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I have always had a fascination with anyone, who is gifted in the art of psychic mediumship.  Last week, I had the great pleasure to have a reading with the amazing Linda Lauren, who utilizes color and energy therapy to help people live their best lives.  She enlightened me to some things I didn't know and confirmed others that I did, about myself.  Afterwards, we had a chat about her talent and her new book, "Hostage in Time".

TGATP:  Wow you are a fourth generation psychic medium!  Who was the first in your family and what side was it?

LL:  Both sides, but primarily on my father’s side from both his parents, more so his mother.  My grandmother was sort of a healer and neighborhood counsel back in her day.  My father relates stories to me that include his grandmother and great-grandmother as well.  So actually, if you include my father, I’m the 5th generation.   My mother was an extremely intuitive woman in her own right, and traced her intuitive abilities to her grandmother on her mother’s side.  She was good at dream interpretations.

TGATP:  You read the color aura around people and the places and objects that they come in contact with.  Tell us about that. For example, what are color auras and where do they come from?  Does every thing have a color aura?  What are some of the most common colors you see and what do they mean?  Why is it important to one's well being?  And are there auras that are not compatible with other ones.  Like can it be a clashing aura that makes people not get along?

LL:  What I do is to combine Color and Energy Therapy to help people work with the colors in their lives to positive benefit.  Everything contains energy and I am able to see the colors that depict that energy.  Each color is indicative of something the person is experiencing.  That is neither good nor bad, it just is.  However, my guidance helps them to use the colors to their advantage.   When you are using the right colors you feel good and when you feel good you encourage good health in all areas.  There are some common colors like shades of blue (encouraging clear communication) and purple (intuitive awareness) that are important to splash into one’s day and/or thoughts.

As to whether colors “clash,” I would say that it is more a matter of the person learning to focus on the colors that feel good to them.  That usually works if people in relationships understand that.  I counsel a lot of people on the benefits of using the colors I “read” in their relationships.


For the rest of my fascinating interview with Linda including her predictions for the nation,  go to:

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