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4 years ago

Every semester I do this to myself.

I wait until the very last minute to get all my shit done. Then I rush around all stressed out trying to get it all done before the last day of class. Then at the end of the semester I am so stressed that my immune system is compromised and BAM!! I get sick.

Never fails.

This semester I took 2 classes. Human Sexuality and Mental Health and the Law. Human Sexuality was a class class and Mental Health and the Law is independent study. I did well in my Human Sexuality class because I kept on the assignments and got them all in on time.However, in independent study classes there is no structure. No late assignments and no pressure for getting the reading done for class discussion. I swore after my first semester that I would never do an independent study again but this is a class I lusted after for two years and waited to see if it was offered in a class but alas, no. So I signed up for it with the intention of going to the library a few nights a week to do the reading and the work but that didn't happen and here is why...


Life happened in a major way.

We bought a house in mid August. Our closing was supposed to be August 30th but it got pushed back to September 15th. So at the end of August when I started this semester I was concentrating on packing and getting ready for a move.

We moved September 20th so for a month after that I was concentrating on unpacking. I thought that when I stopped working it would give me more time to do my homework. Who was I kidding??!! There was laundry to do and food to cook and not to mention Harrison who is now extremely mobile. So much so that I can't read my homework because when I do I get lost in what the text is saying and when I look up again he's doing something crazy like eating dirt from my palm plant.


So now I have 6 chapters to read by December 15th. I have a trial to watch and write a paper on. I have whole other book to read and write a paper on and a 4 page paper on the death penalty.

I've been so stressed since I started trying to get all this cleared up that I've been sick.

3 times.

Since October.

F*ck my life!!

I'll get it all done. I have to. I can't afford an F on my transcript because I graduate in the spring and am working on grad school applications. So for the next week it will be late nights, bleary eyedness, super stressed and super tired. By the time this semester is over my brain will be numb and calling for a whole bottle of wine!

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