Tales from the Backseat

4 years ago

Today, we were driving in the car and I was listening to the boys talking amongst themselves.

"I bet you can't name the boy singing, but I'll give you a hint," says the Big One.

"Okay, I can do it," Little Guy proclaims.

"His name is Justin."

"Oh! I know this.  Wait.  No, I don't."

"Justin Beaver.  But I think he's dead.  He was like 112 or something."

"I know him.  Yeah, he's dead.  Mommy?  Isn't Justin Beeger dead?"  Little Guy asks.

"No.  Justin Bieber isn't dead and he's like 19 years old.  He is also not singing right now," I clarify.

They then start discussing who at their school likes Justin (still calling him) Beaver and other pop stars they know.  I realize that they know very little about pop music.  The Big One tells his brother how this one classmate of his likes this one singer, but he can't remember her name.

"Mom, it's the girl who sings, 'California Girls', with Snoopy."

"Katy Perry," I tell him.

"Yeah, her.  Little Guy, you should marry her."

"No, I don't want to.  Who do you want to marry, Big One?" Little Guy asks.

"I'm already married to Pokemon."

I smile and thank the heavens that at least dating and pop music in my car are two less things to worry about today as their mom.


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