Taking care of me!

4 years ago

I am up fairly early this morning – not the usual time for me on a Saturday.  But it is a beautiful morning none the less.  I believe I will go and get weighed today and stay for the meeting this time.  I need to get things moving if I am going to do all of that.  

I wanted to make this entry first.  I have been really missing having a faithful companion by my side here lately.  The house is really to quiet but I believe I am making the right decision and holding off until I see what happens in a few weeks. I am making more changes and should not try to put them through everything as well.  I have also been seeing some really cute puppies around the last couple of days.  I am praying over this as well, we want to be sure to make the right decision so that neither I nor my new companion would be miserable. 

I have had a busy week and am glad it is Saturday.  I had an appointment with a nurse and a nutritionist.  Seems my body is rebelling and I have type II diabetes.  So I am learning about counting carbs and what kind they are and how fast they turn to sugar in my blood.  Luckily this kind can be controlled buy medication and I do not need to take shots right now.  I am thankful for that but I really don’t have time for all this nonsense so I have to get this weight off and be done with diabetes what ever type for good!!  And while we are getting rid of stuff how about making my blood pressure normal without medication too – this too shall be a thing of that past.  I am sure once I loose more weight things will balance out it is just right now that my body is trying to make me be sick.  Jesus went to the cross so I would not need to suffer – I also am supposed to be a good steward with what He has given me – and that is where I dropped the ball.  I have not been taking very good care of my body.  Not eating right and not exercising – but since I have been going to weight watchers I have been making better choices.  And now that I have to really watch what I eat things will be a lot different.  Going to the grocery store is a whole different experience.  And it should be- my diet is very different and I am not going to complain!  I am cooking at home a lot more and that makes it easier to know what is in my food!  This is a good thing.  

Romans 12:1 - I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, [which is] your reasonable service. 

This is the part I am working on – doing a better job at taking better care of myself! We are all very important to God and he wants us to live full and happy lives – a body that is not acting right is not the impression I wanted to give to God.  So I am making sure I make the right decisions and getting this body whipped backed into shape!  

So here I go – off to my weight watchers meeting!  

I am praying for you!

Miss Wanda

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