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3 years ago

My father was my hero.   He encouraged my adventurous and independent spirit.   He died in a tragic car accident in 1990.  

 I was lucky enough in life to finally meet a man who touched my heart and embraced my adventurous and independent spirit.   He died in a tragic car accident in 2007.

Both would still be here sharing my life had they worn their seat belts.

Their deaths are still heartbreaking and the fact they could have survived if they had buckled up is still a crushing blow.   When I get in my car each day and click-on my seat belt I think of them.

Each year approximately 33,000 persons are killed in a car crash and 50% could have been saved had they used a seat belt.   It is a known fact that men are 10% less likely to wear a seat belt.  

As you travel for the summer holidays and vacation road trips, please wear your seat belt.   If there is someone in your life that does not wear a seat belt while driving and/or riding as a passenger, please ask them to do it………for you and for the love of others.   Be explicit.   Nag them.   Do whatever you can to induce them to wear a seat belt.

Help save their lives and your heart.



How do you feel about encouraging others to wear seat belts?

Do you adhere to seat belt safety laws consistently?

 Elaine Gray




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