The T in GLBT, Transgender Blog Round Up

10 years ago
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A few days after my dad suggested that I write about "why gays are so unhappy," he asked me if I had read about the local GLBTI group in the paper that morning. My first thought was, "here we go again, he just can't resist pushing my buttons." My next thought was, "GLBT - I"? When did it become GLBTI? Because I'm not up on my history of our local GLBT group, or LGBT as I prefer, I don't know the answer. Because I'm lazy, I'm not going to investigate that answer. What I did get out of it all was a reminder that there that there is a 'T', Transgender, and a 'B', Bisexual, in LGBT. I get so caught up in my own stuff that often forget that anything exists outside of the L, lesbian. Oh, and for those of you who might be wondering, the 'I' is for intersex.

In efforts to remember there is more than just an 'L' in LGBT, I thought I'd do a transgender blog round up.

Let's start the list off with Nelle's blog, Refractive Thoughts. Hers is more of a personal blog written by a transgender woman than it is a blog about being transgendered. One of my favorite recent posts was about Parenting and the things she misses now that her kids are grown.

There are other shows I miss... Rugrats, and what is the one with the girl who could hear animals talk? I miss blanket homes, setting up a small tent indoors, a child forever late for school, the creative talents of the other. I miss their bubbliness, their laughs, hearing of what interests them, teaching how to shoot a basketball, being exasperated by a once again trashed room, having barbies all over the place, daughters chasing kitties, kitties chasing daughters, daughters chasing dog, dog chasing daughters daughters sleeping on dog.

Staci/Lana's blog, Femulate, is a lot of fashion, shopping talk, beauty tips, and actresses, but also contains some personal blog posts. In her post to church en femme staci writes

I dreamed I went to Sunday Mass en femme wearing a beige suit, open toe pumps, hat, and purse. Dressed to kill, but not atypical for a going to Mass outfit circa 1960.


I attended Mass at the same church my family always attended when I was growing up and I sat in a pew next to my grandmothers (both have been dead nearly 40 years).

No one said a word about my appearance; both grandmothers paid no attention to me. I wondered if they were ignoring me or were accepting me. I waited for their reaction, but none was forthcoming

Helen Boyd's blog,(en)gender, is about gender and trans issues. She is the wife of a transgender woman, and is also the author of My Husband Betty, and She's Not The Man I Married: My Life With a Transgender Husband. The posts range in topic from day to day life, to political news, transgenders in entertainment news, links, and personal observations.


Zagria's blog, Gender Varient Biography, is a blog where almost every post is a biography of an impersonator, transgender, or intersexe person. The biographies are of athletes, performers, artists...or any one notable. The month of August is rich with posts of track and field athletes. A really interesting read if you like biographies.

Dented Blue Mercedes blog is about political and social trans issues. Since I opened this post talking about not seeing past the L in GLBT, I thought the perfect excerpt would be from the post Open Reply to Gareth Kirkby, about lack of trans inclusion in the GLBT community.

There is another aspect to trans issues besides gender identity. It is gender expression [...] Gender expression is about dressing in such a way that differs from what people expect pertaining to that person's gender. At one extreme, it includes cross-dressing and drag. Toward the mainstream, it also includes androgyny, genderqueer, and the other more familiar terms of "effeminate" (for males) and "butch" (for females). Many of the people who find themselves in this category would never consider themselves trans, but experience discrimination on the basis of a trans issue. Chances are, a majority of gays and lesbians who've been beaten up in the schoolyard experienced this because of how they expressed their gender; one does not usually express their sexual orientation unless they want to be in-your-face "out." [...] Yes, gender identity and expression are different issues than sexual orientation, but because of the struggle against heteronomativity, there is a significant overlap. And as long as women can still be fired from their jobs for shaving their heads to raise money for breast cancer research, you would think that these issues would still have some importance for gay and lesbian people - maybe moreso than legalizing threesomes.

I have to say that I couldn't agree more with the points made in this argument. Though earlier in the argument it is stated that lack of inclusion is more of an issue in Canada than in the US, I think I would disagree. Perhaps I am wrong, but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of transgender inclusion in the states.


Donna Rose's blog, The Donna Blog, is the day to day life of a transgender woman. Though she says it's not a personal blog, it reads like one. She also discusses current transgender news events. She spouts the kind of wisdom everyone should live by.

People sometimes write to ask me how I deal with all the ignorance and keep a positive attitude. It's simple. I try to keep things in perspective. At the end of the day the idiots will still be idiots, but as hard as they might try they have no impact on my day to day life. At some point each of us just needs to be able to let all that go, and I do. As long as my mom, my brother and sister and their families, my son, and my pups are good - that's what really matters. I have great friends, life is full and exciting, I don't have trouble falling asleep at night, and I actually like who I am. In the grander scheme of things, I can't imagine wanting or needing more.
from the post Friday Musings

Dr. Jillian Todd Weiss's blog, Transgender Workplace Diversity, is a good place to keep up on to date on politics, the law, and issues relating to transgender workplace diversity.


Trans Group Blog, is just that, a group blog with about 30 contributors. It is a place to discuss trans news and issues, and also to gather and compile information.

These are just a few of the transgender blogs out there. Hopefully there are one or two on my list that are new to you. If you've got a few that you love to read, please list them in the comments section.

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