“Syndicated” A Dream Come True!

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“I would like to take this moment to thank everyone that helped to make this dream a reality! I am ‘Syndicated’! And I do not want to forget to thank all the little people that gave their faithful support by always visiting my blogs, racking-up those views, and further making time to leave such wonderful, warm comments. Thank you, my followers, from the bottom of my heart. I share this happy moment with you!”

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Of course I am not “Syndicated”, this is just how my dream plays out. And who here does not dream about that moment? We sit at our computers, spending endless hours typing out our every thought, pouring out our every heartfelt emotion, and dreaming of just that moment. You receive that e-mail, congratulating you that you’ve been chosen for that Bloggers most prestigious of awards. You’ve been recognized!

But if I was ever honored with that magnificent heading that would sit just below the title of my blog, that first paragraph would be my written speech…minus, of course, the part of you all being “little people.” I take that back. Sorry for having ever thought of you all that way.   :)

And after all, this is my story, and this is how it all goes down. And I’m sticking to it. So there!