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Throughout the day I have been thinking about what to write about today. I didn't want to do another post complaigning about the dire current state of my financial affairs orgoing on even more about how much I am missing Milo (he'll be back in my arms tomorrow!!!) and then something this evening sparked my mind and so now I have my subject matter.

Every once in a while I check out the job ads on Craigslist to see if there's anything I can/want to do or anything for my friend's out there and I came across an ad for a photographer looking for subjects with lots of tattoos to photograph. I looked at the details of the ad with natural skepticism knowing there's a chance it could just be some pervert wanting to photograph nude bodies. Anyway, taking a proper look I saw that actually it is a good (and female) photographer who takes very interesting vintage style photos who is looking for people and so I thought I'd email and see what exactly she's after and if my back is the kind of thing that would fit in with her project. She emailed me back interested and asked for what the different tattoo's on my back symbolise. I know I have shown a photo of the tattoo's on my back before but this was a long while back and I have alot of new readers since then and would like to explain the tattoo's. So here goes:

Per aspera ad astra (through difficulties to the stars) signifies the acceptance of a hard time in my life. I was going through very conflicting feelings with a boyfriend and tattoo was a reminder of that time and that I was survinig it.

Truth, Respect these two were done at the same time and were also connected to the boyfriend (now long ago ex) mentioned above. These were done as a reminder to never let someone treat me with anything other then truth and respect in the future and in times since that relationship, when I have wavered on this matter with a guy and considered letting them get away with direspectful behaviour I have always thought about these two tattoo's and their significance.

Rebirth this is the Asian symbols towards the bottom of my spine. This was my third tattoo (I think I now have 18!) and was a birthday present from a boyfriend (who I am still very good friends with). We both came up with the tattoo and its placement together and to me it represents my entering womanhood and letting go of my teenage years (I was 18 when I got into a relationship with him and had left home and moved to London). I don't know if the symbolism meant so much to me then but it certainly does now.

Amat Viktoria Curam (Victory Favors Those Who Take Pains) yet another tattoo symbolising pains I have been through and acting as a reminder that sometimes there are reasons that we go through difficult experiences in life.

Tree this is the tattoo that most people see and ask about but actually has the least symbolic meaning of all my tattoo's oddly enough. This tattoo was more of a sign of my commitment to tattoo's. Up to this point I had only had a spattering of small tattoo's and all were wording except a small leaf on my wrist. I think tattoo's are a form of artwork and I wanted to show this with a picture and to also show my commitment to tattoo's by having a large piece of work put on me. I chose a tree because firstly, I thought it would fit with the shape of my back and also I liked the idea of the tree aging with me. Something living.

I Walk Slowly But I Never Walk Backwards. This tattoo is slightly visible on my left-hand-side. It is a quote from Abraham Lincoln whom I greatly admire and for me it works as a reminder to always move forward even if it is at a slow pace. Don't go back. I looked up a number of Lincoln quotes and there were so many I loved (although alot are very long!) but this one stood out and also made me chuckle which I liked.

Persuit of Happiness Thomas Jefferson quote. This was the other tattoo I did relating the ex boyfriend mentioned in the first two explanations (yes, he hurt me that much!). I was looking for a way to forgive myself for letting him mistreat me the way he did. I was as angry at myself as I was at him. I then read this quote from Jefferson from the declaration of Independence and what really touched me was not just the saying ''persuit of happiness' but the term ''the right to pursue happiness''. For me, it was my way of saying, that I put up with what that man did to me in the pursuit of trying to be happy. That was my closure.

So those are some of my tattoo's the reasonings behind them. I certainly plan on getting more in the future and I have a real urge to get one at the moment but sadly not the financial capability. Sometime in the near future though!


I would love to read your comments about my tattoo's and/or what you yourself have and their symbolism over at my blog: Workingberlinmum


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