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4 years ago
sverve What's the Deal with Sverve?

I've heard recently lots of mixed emotions regarding this blogging/advertising network, Sverve. So I wanted to give my two cents and hopefully encourage some of you or at the least give helpful information. I joined Sverve about 3 months ago and like many bloggers that I've heard, my account just sat there and I got nothing from it - no pageviews, no likes, no endorsements {as Sverve calls it}, and definitely no advertising opportunities! I assumed it was just like a handful of other blogging networks that I'd tried and gotten nowhere with. So I put it out of my mind and didn't mess with it. 

Until one day about a month ago when I was re-introduced to Sverve via a post for blogging advertising, I had written this company off. So I read the post and realized that I COULD be making money with Sverve. One of their catchphrases is: connecting small to mid-size business owners with bloggers. Small to mid-size business owners I could probably get the attention of! So I set off to make Sverve work for me. And it did take work, but the result in just a month has been AMAZING! So please, keep reading because I'm positive that you will find something to help you with your Sverve slump. 

Making Sverve Work For You!

1. Build your influence.If you are a part of Sverve for the advertising opportunities only, {no problem there!} then you'll need to pay close attention to this. Sverve is built around their number system. The higher your social media statistics, your blog influence and your Sverve influence, the higher number you will be given that rates you on Sverve. {Go HERE to understand more.} The higher your ratings number the more advertising opportunities you will receive! So your goal in the first few months is build your influence on Sverve.

    • Build your social media channels. Make sure that you are being social and actively attracting new "likes" and followers on your social media platforms. {Go here to read about Blog Networking.} This will reflect on your Sverve account and could possibly determine whether an advertiser wants you.
    • Build your blog influence. Sverve takes into account your Alexa rating, backlinks and Google page rank. That means that you must know something about SEO and be actively trying to get your blog posts and pages in the top 10 search results on Google! I know that SEO can be elusive and overwhelming, so I suggest taking a few tips and working on them during the week and add more as you go. I do not have any posts available yet on SEO but I can refer you HERE.
    • Build you Sverve influence. Sverve influence is calculated by the number of endorsements an influencer has received in her top three areas of influence as compared to her peers.
      • That means that you need to get other "Sverers" to your page and endorse you! I suggest that you follow and endorse other bloggers on Sverve and usually they will return the favor.  My philosphy on this is the same as on other social media platforms. { You can read about it here. } 
      • Another way to get bloggers to notice you on Sverve is by uploading "tips" each day. {You can do this by going to the homepage and in the top left corner there's a place to upload a tip.}Uploading a tip means uploading a blog post you or someone else has written. I do this every day because those that follow me will see it and possibly visit my page. Remember that other bloggers are using Sverve to get advertisements and make their blog better so don't upload a bunch of decorating ideas. Upload what bloggers will use - Blogging posts, how-to posts, advertising posts, etc. That's not to say that you should NEVER upload a recipe or craft idea because some people do enjoy reading those posts no matter what. Be versatile and varied. Now if how-to's and tutorials for better blogging isn't your niche or forte, then upload someone else's! After reading a really good post on better blogging, I'll  pin to Pinterest for reference and then I upload on Sverve! Sverve bloggers appreciate useful tips like that and will be more likely to read your tips in the future.

2.  Be consistent.  As with anything you must be consistent or you will not get noticed and you will not keep up your Sverve score/rating. Put it on your to-do list daily to follow a couple new bloggers on Sverve and upload a relevant tip. Like other "Sverers" tips and endorse them. Don't be stingy!

3. Be on the lookout for new campaigns. Companies will not automatically come to you and engage you in a campaign. Based on your scoring and influence you will be approved for certain campaigns or advertising opportunities that will appear in your 'campaigns' tab. You must apply for each and every campaign that you are interested in. After you apply you will either be accepted or rejected. Sometimes they only have the funds for 10 bloggers to advertise for them and they may receive 100 applications, so they will have to weed out ones they do not want. It seems like a long and tedious task just to get engaged but it's not that difficult or upsetting.  Another note - you may not see any campaigns for which you are eligible every week. It comes in spurts and you take them as they come. 

4.  Be even-keeled. That sounds funny to say but I want to impart some learned knowledge so you don't make the same mistake I did {and sometimes still do}.

  • Don't set yourself up for disappointment by expecting money to roll in every week from your advertising. It takes time to  build your influence and numbers and consequently your Sverve score. Even when you have a high number you will still not get offers for campaigns each week.
  • Don't be negative. You can't take the above statement to the extreme and never expect anything to happen concerning campaigns. If you're trying per the above suggestions, you will see results! So don't be depressed and negative about it. Having that attitude will only make you dread your Sverve interaction and could possibly ignite burnout. "Ain't nobody got time fo dat!" {love that phrase!}
My Personal Opinion about Sverve!

1You do not need a large blog to be a success on Sverve. I know only from my personal experience that this is true. I began my blog in January of 2013 { 7 months ago } and have grown to a nice size but nothing like those established blogs with thousands of followers. Click here to view my blog stats. 

2. You do not need to have prior advertising experience to be a success on Sverve. Before Sverve I had not written any sponsored posts or advertised for anyone.

3. You do not need to spend lots of time on Sverve to make a go of it. Obviously in the beginning of my Sverve days {when I became serious about it} I spent more time on Sverve trying to make a name for myself - following and endorsing other bloggers. I spent about 30 minutes each night doing this; I just scheduled it into my day. Now I spend a few minutes in the morning uploading a tip, checking my notifications, and following/endorsing other bloggers with whom I come into contact.

4. You can see results relatively quickly. Like I said before, I became serious about Sverve a month ago and since that point I've seen lots of growth! Here are my statistics over just one month!

  • Followers - 161
  • Tips {I've uploaded} - 41
  • Campaign engagements - 5
  • Endorsements {separated by category}
    • Blogging - 142
    • Recipes - 136
    • Homemaking - 122
    • Cooking/Sewing/Cleaning - 122
    • Spiritual - 103

To sum that information up, I've gotten 161 followers in a month! I've uploaded 41 tips - that's about 1 tip a day. I've been engaged for 5 campaigns but I have declined 2 and am currently working on another. And I've gotten lots of endorsements. For each endorsement I have in a category, that's how many people have endorsed me {and consequently been to my Sverve page and possibly my blog page}. I would say that's pretty good work for a month. I don't give that information to brag, but to encourage you to make your Sverve work for you!

So that's my suggestions about how to make Sverve work for you and see results! Remember that it's just like any other blogging network or social media platform in that it's SOCIAL! You have to be active to see any activity! You can't expect nothing from nothing.

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