The Superbowl Disappointment!!!

4 years ago
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I have to say I am finding the Superbowl to be rather



I really thought this was going to be a game.....instead we have been

slapped with watching the slaughtering of the Broncos.


I mean....HELLO BRONCOS......did you even show up?


Did Denver send the shitty weed to the Superbowl? LOL Yep I had

to make the joke.


How the hell did you even make it in in the first place?


Okay I can't say anything really, I don't even have an NFL team. I

don't even know why I am even going for the Broncos in the first

place when my FAVORITE gator plays for the Seahawks.

I should have seen it coming when the first play was a safety. I just

didn’t want to believe that they would SUCK this bad. They should

have pulled this crap in the beginning of the season. Not on the

biggest night of some of their careers.


Not only has the game let me down but I have not been impressed

with the commercials either. The only ones I have gotten excited

about was the GOLDIE BOX, which I made sure that I voted for....

GIRLS ROCK, and the Tim Tebow commercial. Other than those 2

commercials..... Oh wait Microsoft just hit me in the heart.

But other than that I haven't been impressed with the whole

Superbowl set up.


Wait..... I did like the half time show.... I mean who doesn't like Bruno

Mars and a shirtless Anthony Kiedis. I cried when they showed the

messages from our military!! Thank you for your service and



Oh well I guess the perception of a person going for Peyton and

the Broncos is going to be completely different than a Seahawks



Maybe next year there will be a REAL game!!!!

 Until tomorrow...which I will actually post again tomorrow....Enjoy the

rest of your night.....I'm going to finish watching this joke of a



Happy Writing!!!!


P.S. The highlight of the night was I got some kick ass pictures of

the sunset......Maybe I will post some tomorrow!!!

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