The Super Moon and Crazy Lou!

5 years ago

Did the Super Moon give you a super evening?  Any crazy things to report?  Were you into to all the fun?I mean people were having Super Moon parties!  Crazy right?

Funny how we get into all the ‘signs’ when we want to?

I’m a little crazy!!

Blame it on my sign :)

I’m a Scorpio!

For Better or Worse!

Trust me,that,is hard to admit!

Take a look!

Nasty looking thing!

Have you ever dealt with a Scorpio? Person,not the actual bug! Well,I guess both are nasty creatures :)

My poor husband!!

We are moody.  The reason we will give?  It is because of you! Makes perfect sense :)

We are loners.  Not into ‘going out’ much, kind have to drag us to everything and I mean everything, unless it is our idea.

Which leads me to……

The Control Freak Issue. We are a ton of fun to live with :)   A big ole blast!  Everyone wants to live with a control freak! You are jumping up and down saying, “Please, let me come live with you, run my life.”  Yeah, I see you begging me to control your every.single.move!

Hey, it gets better to be around a Scorpio!

Cross us and hang on for your dear life and you don’t get a second chance.  Better yet, we spend the rest of our lives getting even.  Woohoo for you!!  You screw up once; you are pretty much dead in the water, especially if it is a lie.  You continue to cross us and by golly you will fing pay, trust me on that!! The day will come when the Scorpion will strike.  Even if it will cost them.  We get our revenge and a Scorpio willingly takes anyone and everyone down to achieve it.  This is so sad to admit!

Scorpions are not into liars! Or bullshitters. I know most people aren’t into liars but Scorpions have a tendency to lack, I know this is gonna sound horrible,but forgiveness? Here is the deal, whatever you do, don’t  lie to your Scorpion friend, you can’t come back from it!   So, a Pathological liar is totally screwed but c’mon who likes that kind of person, right? So, cut me some slack on that one :)

Scorpions are passionate.  We tend to get riled up pretty darn quick and if we are determined about something,lookout, it is hard to stop us. But, we are reasonable,observant and will change course to succeed.  A Scorpio doesn’t go all ‘crazy’ and wild when approaching a project.  We can be calculating, even downright manipulative.  A Scorpio does what it takes to get what it wants.

Listen, with all of our bad traits there are some good things.  Geez, you would think I don’t like myself?  I just tend to know my horrid qualities and do try to keep them in check but you know…..

Anyway let me try to save myself :) Once a friend always a friend as long as you are open and honest, like stated above,lying is the killing of a friendship but a Scorpio is a loyal friend.  They will stand by their friends and family when they are in trouble and are in need.  Scorpios are loyal and can be counted on in a pinch. This means if you are in serious trouble, call your Scorpion friend, they will be the one to drop what they are doing and help you.  They will also keep your secret if need be.  You can trust your Scorpion friend.

Our determination helps us be successful! We get things finished.  Our distaste for liars helps us weed out the bullshit fast.  We are human lie detectors.  I know pretty quick when someone is pulling a fast one on me and I have very rarely been pulled into a scheme.

In the end, my warning to you, Scorpios are complicated, intense,emotional and secretive.  If you date or live with a Scorpio Good Luck.  If your child is a Scorpio hang in there :)   But, if you can deal with your Scorpio then here is the other thing to remember, trust them and lean on them, they will be there for you!!

Oh,and guess what?  My poor husband he has two Scorpios to deal with! Yep, our daughter is a Scorpio.  Poor guy.  His wife and daughter!

We Look So Sweet!

Guess you can tell I am into the Astrological signs!  You must tell me What’s your sign?

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