5 years ago

I was doing my nightly sunset walk.

Totally enjoying the sun going down.

The sky was still deep blue but as the sun set it was getting darker and the red rocks were getting a little pink.

Then, the sun dropped behind the Mountains and the Red Rocks! The sky had the beautiful purple hue in it.   I see this nightly.  What a treat!!

Beauty surrounds me during my sunset walk!!

Now, of course there is a reason for this little sunset walk!!

See, the little doggie?  That is my Blackie!  He was getting irritated with all my photo snapping. But,See, how tiny he is? Well, Little Blackie thinks he is a guard dog.  On our strolls he loves to growl at anyone coming towards us.  Most people say nothing,or smile. BUT, on this particular eventing stroll Blackie was put in his place!!  AND, it was the cutest thing I have ever seen. We were strolling along, and out pops the three year old who lives down the road from us with his sitter  Blackie started growling and the little boy said, “Don’t you think your gonna attack me, no you are not!”  And, he was shaking his little finger at my dog.  Blackie stopped growling and I just laughed.  That was that.  Blackie knew who was boss and all was good! Nothing like a three year old to know how to handle a situation. The sitter almost died from embarrassment.

Off we went and the moon popped out as we headed in for the evening. Well, not totally, completely IN for the entire evening. NOPE!!  I get to see the stars at eleven p.m.!! Why you ask? Blackie needs his nighty-night stroll. My sky is filled with beautiful stars and the moon. So,another wonderful blessing AND,The other night, I saw a shooting star.  I made a big fat wish.

Do you wish on shooting stars?

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