Sunday's on the Way by Carmen

4 years ago
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Sunday's on the Way by CarmenOk, this post is going to show my age some, gasp, I’m no spring chicken! I began listening to Christian music back in the early ‘80s, yes the 1980’s! Singers of the likes of Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Sandi Patti, and David Meece were just breaking into the music scene. That’s the time frame where our boy Carman enters as well. He has an unusual mix of story-telling and singing. We were mesmerized by his dramas that could last up to 10 minutes!! This was also in the days when MTV and music videos were in their infancy. Listening on the radio, or cassette tape, or seeing a musician in concert were the main options available!

Carman has an amazing story of Easter that he recorded entitled “Sunday’s On The Way.” It is the retelling of Jesus death and resurrection from the Devil’s point of view. We know the human perspective from the Biblical accounts. Ahhh, but the Devil saw it all too and this is Carman’s take on what the conversations with “the grave” might have sounded like. It’s a little long, so, click the link below for Total Life Encounters Ministries’ black light puppets accompanying Carman’s “Sunday’s On the Way” when you’ve got six quiet minutes to get wrapped up in a story.

      Click this link to see video...

It’s a great perspective to maintain, even in our lives today! It is easy to forget that behind real life, there is a spiritual battle going on simultaneously. Troubles and challenges may make your outlook seem like a dark, dreary Friday night (Good Friday at that)…. But take heart, the miracle is coming, because Sunday is on the way!!

What Easter Sunday song is meaningful to you?Video courtesy of YouTube, Carmen and Total Life Encounters.