SUCCESS…..We hear about it everywhere….We hear about it on the stock market channels, we hear about it on talk shows, we hear about it in the books we see at the book store, and we hear about it just about everywhere we go….Just what is Success…..? Is it what all the books and TV Shows tell us it is….?

Is success driving a big fancy car? Is it being a billionaire? Is it having one’s own TV show, or what about a beautiful wife? Just what is success? Personally I think most people’s ideas of what success is is screwed up….messed up thinking….out of alignment….definitely out of order….

Why do I think most people’s idea of what success is is incorrect? Because I feel most people are brainwashed as to what real success is……Real success is actually quite simple, but most people simply seem to have complicated it…..Success is really a lot less complicated and hard to reach than most people have imagined…..

To me real success is simply one word ….” HAPPINESS….” Simply being happy……Happiness is a state of being where a person feels inwardly joyful…..They are content with who they are no matter how imperfect their lives may be…..They feel they are in alignment with whatever their “Divine Assignment” is to be here in life (There real reasons for being here in this life)……They realize they will never have it all or be it all…..They realize that Success is not exclusively found in fame, fortune, or other people……That Success is found within who they are all throughout life regardless of outer circumstances or achievements…..Outer circumstances and achievements are simply bonus’s to an already happy life…..

I have met very wealthy people, famous people, and people with what looked like perfect relationships…..Yet, these very same people were not successful in my mind….They were unhappy, ungrateful, unfullfilled…..and lacking in integrtiy….Not all but many…. For they thought fame and fortune as well as other outside things would create success….What they found to be true was not the case….

Personal contentment comes with embracing who we are from the get go…perfect or imperfect….It doesn’t matter. We are successful when we love the person we are flaws and all…..not expecting life to give us everything or having it all….but simply enjoying what we do have and our journey through life…..

Life is filled with so much beautiful. Successful people notice the beauty in life that many others disregard…..Yes, there are successful people out there…..I like to think I am one of them….


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