Successful Baby Inventions

5 years ago

Every parent is grateful for successful baby inventions like vaccinations and car seats that keep their babies safe. Parents love whoever invented cribs, rattles and strollers because they make it easy to take care of newborns. There have been many great baby inventions over time, but modern baby inventions are the most important. No parent is going to invent a revolutionary product that rivals the diaper or is as important as the medication that protects babies. However, modern inventions are crucial because similar successful products can be invented by anyone. Whether a modern product has a new idea or tweaks an old one, looking at the newest inventions for babies can help show anyone how to design a great new product for babies. 

The stroller is a staple for every parent. This device has been around for 100's of years but new renovations to the old device have helped many become successful. Heavy, unwieldy strollers make it hard for parents to bring their baby anywhere. Lightweight, maneuverable strollers were created to solve this problem. Strollers now come with convenient storage spaces, protection for babies and some can carry two or more babies. Many companies have invented devices that allow parents to run and bike with strollers. Others use three wheels instead of four. Any adjustment that makes a stroller better has a market because parents cannot venture into the outside world with a stroller for their baby.

Technological advances have expanded to include the world of parenting. Every parent wants to know why their baby is upset when the infant starts crying. The Why Cry Baby Analyzer and an app for phones was invented to decipher what babies mean when they cry. The device measures the frequency of the baby's cry to determine moods and a solution. This relieves stress because parents can now quickly make their baby happy again. This is successful because now parents can understand their babies despite language barriers.

Not every new product needs to be a fancy device or big invention. Small ideas that make a parent's life a little simpler are just as welcome as revolutionary ideas. Sock-ons are small, inexpensive covers that slip on over a baby’s sock. They ensure the socks stay on and do not get lost. This helps keep the baby's feet warm and saves money because parents do not have to constantly replace socks. The inventor identified a problem, figured out how to solve it and made a small idea successful.

Parents know how important it is to protect babies from the elements. They also know how difficult it can be to keep wiggling, curious babies safe. Babies lose hats, socks, blankets and more easily, so many parents do not even consider sunglasses. Baby Banz sunglasses were invented so parents could protect a baby's eyes from the sun. A strap goes around the baby's head and fits comfortably and snugly around the baby. This idea is similar to the concept of Sock-ons, but offers value to the baby and the parents. It is still convenient, but this gives parents peace of mind. They know a baby can spend time outdoors and in the sun without damaging the eyes. 

Successful baby inventions do not have to change the world. They can take products like a stroller and improve them. They can use new technology and apply it to the world of infants like with the Why Cry Baby Analyzer. An invention can make a parent’s life easier like Sock-ons, or make a baby safer like Baby Banz. Parents only want the best for their children, and anyone can create a successful baby invention that accomplishes this.


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